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Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for others whatever their race, colour, gender or disability. Use Bible passages

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AO1 Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for others whatever their race, colour, gender or disability. Use Bible passages and Christian teaching to support your answer. Christians believe that you should not discriminate against anyone regardless of their race, colour, gender or disability because Jesus said that everyone is created equal. To hold a prejudice against someone and to therefore discriminate against them is considered a sin because Jesus said that those who judge will be judged (Matthew 7: 1-5), and to judge another person means that you are assuming the responsibility of god as god is the only perfect being to have the authority to judge (we are not clean and so to judge someone will always involve us being hypocritical in some way or prejudice). Christians also set up organisations to help people who are less fortunate than themselves in order to live by God s words that all men are created equal. Organisations such as CAFOD, and other life saving organisations which don't discriminate. ...read more.


Christians would support victims of prejudice and discrimination in society chiefly by the many different groups there are for prejudice and discrimination. Organisations such as Amnesty International, the St. Vincent de Paul society, and the justice for peace groups do work and help people who have problems like these. The following passage is taken from Amnesty Internationals mission statement: 1. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL's vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. In pursuit of this vision, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL's mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights. Racism is a prime discrimination that is common, cruel and all around us. There are loads of organizations Christian and even non-Christian to combat this. ...read more.


Discrimination can also be evil because it encompasses so many things about how we judge people it is very hard to never discriminate in some ways so everyone during their life time has discriminated at one point. The horrible thing about discrimination in our society, especially racism is its all around us. Around the school environment racism can be commonplace and the victims may not take it to heart, however that doesn't matter because even if it is meant as a joke it shows that the racist people have the capabilities to be racist and mean it in a situation. That is why it is so evil because anyone can pick it up at any age and use it. Discrimination is also breaking the number one commandment of Jesus' teaching which is "love one another as yourself" if you are discriminating a peoples you are not loving your neighbour, who is everyone - this is breaking the greatest commandment. It breaks the commandment in such a way as murder or rape do, which is why I believe people who think it isn't the greatest evil of all should agree with me. ...read more.

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