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JORDAN GRAY EXPLAIN WHAT CHRITIANS BELIEVE ABOUT THEIR RESPONSIBILIY FOR OTHER PEOPLE After studying various sources of information and using my own knowledge and experience I have come to a conclusion about the responsibility of Christians for other people. Throughout the bible, both in the new and old Testaments, it makes many references to how Christians should have responsibility for other people, Christian and non-Christian, and in order that the people could understand better, as was the practice of the day, these points were told in the form of stories or parables. In the Old Testament, 'The Law of Moses' (the Torah) it teaches the Jews that it is an important part of their faith to treat people of different races in the right way. ...read more.


As Christians we believe in helping and contributing toward others and we are guided/taught to put others before ourselves. The Roman Catholic Church along with other Christian denominations strongly opposes racism and discrimination of every kind. In today's society there are many ways we can show our responsibility to others and oppose racism and discrimination, one example is at football matches as the players warm up they wear tops that have anti-racism slogans on them "kick racism out of football' and as a Christian we can show our responsibility to others by supporting this. In the parable of 'The Good Samaritan', Luke 10: 25-37, Jesus explains that to achieve eternal life is not only important to love God but to "love thy neighbour as thyself" this Doesn't just mean the person next door or the just the person we know and care for, it is to mean anyone in the world. ...read more.


Christians believe it is there responsibility to care for other people less fortunate than themselves whether it is by sending money, clothes or themselves and generally helping in the best way that they can they are trying to have some sort of responsibility so hopefully, as most Christians believe that come the day of judgement when the nations come together and every man will be judged individually by the content of their character And when they are asked: Mathew 25: 31-46, "When I was hungry you fed me............" those Christians whose conscience can answer yes to all the questions with have eternal life. Maybe, because it is a conscious or sub-conscious desire to please God and to do his will that we are hoping for our place in heaven, that we believe that our responsibility to others is so important. ...read more.

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