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Explain what Christians mean when they say Jesus is Son of God.

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Form Four Coursework by Liam Fenton Form Four Coursework: A01 Explain what Christians mean when they say Jesus is Son of God. Jesus has been called many things during his time on earth. But, one of the most important things he has been called is the Son of God. In the Old Testament, the title Son of God means anointed and gives the idea of being a king. There are a couple of accounts in marks gospel, which illustrate the beliefs about Jesus as Son of God. These are the accounts of Jesus' baptism (Mark 1:9-11) and the account of Jesus' transfiguration (Mark 9:2-13). These both show Jesus as Son of God. In the account of Jesus' baptism, John was baptizing people in the river Jordan. He represents the Old Testament prophet Elijah as it said in the Old Testament that Elijah would return just before the messiah to clear the way, which is what John is doing. People came to John from all over the country of Judea and they confessed their sins and were baptized by John. John said to the people that there would be someone who would come after him and would be much greater than him and baptize with the Holy Spirit. Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. As he came out of the water he immediately saw the heavens open up and the spirit descend on him like a dove. ...read more.


When Christians today refer to the Son of God they do not just mean that he was the Messiah. They also believed that Jesus was God. Form Four: Coursework A02 Explain the importance and relevance of this belief for Christians today When Christians today talk about the Son of God, they are mainly referring to Jesus as the second person of the trinity. Christians today usually think that Son of God shows that Jesus is not just the Messiah but also a shorthand way of referring to the incarnation. They think that Son of God is basically saying god the son and referring to the trinity as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are all in unity as one. Christians also think of the Son of God as God giving himself totally to human beings. This shows the love of God and the infinite value of humans like people sharing, caring and loving each other. Examples of this are how Christians are called to love others and some passages in the Bible, which can be found in the Gospels. Christians are also led to think about salvation and how Jesus' death and resurrection are saving people on earth from sin and eternal death and also giving Christians risen life. When Christians think about salvation they think about how the risen life of Jesus can be shared among them. ...read more.


They think that the title is too misleading and can give off the wrong image of Jesus. They think that this name for Jesus has to be dropped in the Christian church today. The title has links to " Messiah and Son of Man, " but people do not always appreciate these links. However, other people think that the title of the "Son of God" is very important. It is key to Christian understanding of who Jesus is and who God is as it refers to the Holy Trinity which includes God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit all in unity. Jesus' title as "Son of God" has strong links with the Old Testament. It shows Jesus as whom he was in his suffering, death and resurrection, which links to Jesus being a savior and coming in judgment (Mk14: 61-62.) It shows Jesus as having kingship and being the lord. Overall, I think the strongest argument for that I have addressed is that the title "Son of God" should be kept today. Although the title can be misleading and confusing, it is key to Christian understanding and so cannot be dropped. People may however, not appreciate it's links but this does not mean that these links are not present. Jesus' title "Son of God" is far too important to be dropped and has to be kept on going in the Christian church. Glossary Mark A Gospel For Today : Simon and Christopher Danes St. Mark's Gospel : Gordon Geddes and Jane Griffiths The Good News Bible ...read more.

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