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Explain what does the study of Mark's Gospel tell us about the nature of Discipleship?

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Question 1 Explain what does the study of Mark's Gospel tell us about the nature of Discipleship? A disciple is someone who follows the teachings and examples of another so in Mark's Gospel a disciple is someone who followed Jesus' teachings and examples. Discipleship involves leaving everything you own, possessions, job, family and friends behind to follow someone immediately, like in Mark 1:16-18 when Jesus said to Simon and his brother, Andrew, catching fish with a net 'Come with me and I will teach you to catch people.' At once they left their nets and went with him. What Jesus said is important because the phrase 'teach you to catch people' is indicating that they should spread the words and teachings of Jesus too tell people about God. When Jesus called James and John, they did not hesitate and left, leaving their farther, Zabedee, behind. Jesus called them as he calls us to God. Jesus said 'follow me' to Levi, which is simply what a disciple does, and he rose and followed him. ...read more.


So they went out and preached that men should repent, and cast out daemons, and anointed with oils many that were sick and healed them.' This tells us that disciples should spread the word of God, and if people do not want to listen they will be warned that as they ignored God's message they too will be ignored. This means that if you do not take God and his teachings into your life you will not go to heaven and have an eternity of happiness. Being a disciple would be very difficult because you have to leave all of your possessions, your career and your family and friends to follow Jesus' every word. Jesus said "If anyone wants to come with me, he must forget self, carry his cross and follow me. For those whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it." He is telling them to put God and other people before themselves and that they should be prepared to be tested and die for their beliefs and then they will enter heaven and have eternal life. ...read more.


Bartamaus was blind until he called for Jesus, he was persistent, when people told him to stop he just shouted louder. He was healed as a reward for his faith. The widow in Mark 12: 41-44 gave up all she had, all her money that she had to survive. She put others before herself, even though she might have starved and potentially risked her life to save the lives of others. These examples tell us that to be a good disciple you do not actually need to be really religious and that your actions can mean more than words. St Marks Gospel tells us a lot about the nature of discipleship, it tells us that to be a true disciple you should be willing to give up everything to help others and follow God. It tells us that being a disciple will not be easy and that you will have to trust in God, even though it means leaving everything behind. Sometimes people mock and reject you but you have to be strong and have unquestionable faith. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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