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Explain what happens at either a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

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Explain what happens at either a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. (8) At a Barmitzvah, a 13-year-old boy celebrates that he now has the obligations and privileges of an adult male Jew. It is celebrated on Shabbat and the Barmitzvah boy is required to take part in the service either by reciting the entire Parasha, which he would have thoroughly prepared for, or by reading a passage from the Prophets. He can now wear tefillin and make up a minyan because he is an adult. The Barmitzvah invites his family and some of his friends to hear him in shul and to watch him being blessed by his father, who affirms that he is no longer responsible for his son's actions and by the Rabbi who addresses the congregation and reminds them about committing to the obligations of ...read more.


Throughout the process of becoming Barmitzvah, a boy has to learn intensely for a few months in preparation for becoming a man who is required to observe all of G-d's mitzvot. This may mean that the boy will become more influenced by what he is learning and choose to practise the mitzvot. He may also be able to encourage his family to learn more about Jewish faith and teachings; this may strengthen their belief in Judaism. Leading up to a Bar or Batmitzvah the boy or girl with their family will usually attend shul and take part in the service, if they do not already got to shul. This may strengthen their faith in G-d because they are being supported and welcomed by the community who will help them strengthen their faith in G-d. ...read more.


Nevertheless, not all boys mature at the age of 13 and it may be too much for a boy to handle the responsibilities of an adult. Therefore, they will need their parents help in fulfilling the mitzvot and will still have to rely on their parent for some of their responsibilities. I think that 13 is not to early to begin carrying out G-d's mitzvot but I do think it is to young to start taking on some adult responsibilities that some 13 year old boys may not be able to carry out. The teenage years of a Jew should be used to grow into mature, thoughtful people who will make the correct decisions in life. This should be focussed on more than trying to take on adult responsibilities. ...read more.

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