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Explain what Jesus taught his first followers about the meaning of discipleship.

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Year 9 Assignment: Discipleship Part 1: Explain what Jesus taught his first followers about the meaning of discipleship. (16 marks) We learn from Mark's Gospel that there are several elements to discipleship: the call, the task and the cost. The word disciple means "pupil" or "one who learns". A disciple tries to mould their lives to be like the teacher, in this case Jesus. The first thing we learn about discipleship is the call. The call was when Jesus sought out his disciples and called them over to him. There was an immediate response, showing that discipleship means to follow without second thoughts. Jesus called his chosen disciples and they left everything to be with him. Like when Jesus called over the two fishermen, Simion and his brother Andrew (Mark 1 vv 16-20) Jesus' disciples were not rich or clever. Most were poor and uneducated. This shows another meaning to discipleship, everyone is welcome, anybody can be a disciple. The disciples were just ordinary working men showing that Jesus' message is for all. Not only did the disciples follow Jesus physically, they followed him spiritually as well. This means they were taught a new way of thinking and followed Jesus' teachings. This is also another meaning of discipleship; to follow the teacher, Jesus, spiritually. An example of this is when Jesus speaks to James and John about being great (Mark 10 vv 35-45). ...read more.


(14 marks) Christians still attempt to follow what Jesus taught In the Bible. They have a call, a task, and the cost. An important part of discipleship is the call; many Christians today have a call. Some receive an actual voice from God informing them on how to lead their lives. But most receive a feeling or more of an instinct which can be described as a call. Anyone can be called, anyone from famous people to ordinary people, this shows that discipleship is for everyone. An example of a famous person is Mother Teresa. Missionaries, Priests and Vicars all claim to have been called at one point. A call needs an immediate response there must be no excuses. Modern Christians follow Jesus physically and spiritually. Christians today follow Jesus physically by going to church and giving to charity. They follow him spiritually by following his teachings and setting a good example. They are willing to learn. They should put others first, a good example of this is marriage because you start to put your partner and children before you. Just like how the first disciples had the mission and commission Christians today have a task. They spread the word of God as far and as wide as possible. This can be achieved by printing Bibles in different languages or by preaching in different languages, similar to how the first disciples spoke in strange tongues. ...read more.


Jesus meant for a Christian to die spiritually not physically. He wanted them to give up all their old ways of living and make way for a new way. The followers of Islam have been taught to not fear death. If they are not showing respect for life and death this is a bad thing and we don't want Christians to be in the same situation. Dieing for ones faith produces nothing but trouble and needless deaths. This point is proven when we look at the situation in Northern Ireland when people are killing for their belief, and murdering is not in the bible. All the killing and crime produced only creates a feeling that religion is bad and should not be bothered with. Jesus is not saying you have to die but just to be prepared. Jesus taught us to live in peace and to spread the word. The word cannot be spread if you're dead. Jesus died for the future of Christianity. Why should Christians die for the same reason? In conclusion to this I feel Christians should NOT be prepared to die for their faith. I feel it achieves nothing but anger and heartache and leads to more needless deaths. Christians should follow their religion in other ways like going to church and spreading the word and should not be ready or preparing to die for what they feel is right. Shane Lowe 9HY R.E Assignment: Discipleship 10/05/2007 ...read more.

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