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Explain what Roman Catholics and other Christians believe about sexual relationships outside of marriage as well as within marriage. Use bible passages and Christian teaching and practice to support your answer.

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AO1: BELIEF Explain what Roman Catholics and other Christians believe about sexual relationships outside of marriage as well as within marriage. Use bible passages and Christian teaching and practice to support your answer. All Christian churches teach that sex belongs in marriage. The proper context of a sexual relationship is marriage and it was what God intended us to do, thus making it very important. God intended everyone to get married, have sex and have children. 'So God created human beings...he created them male and female, blessed them and said, "have many children, so that your descendents will live over all the earth. (Genesis 1:27-28) Sex outside of marriage is not permitted in the Catholic Church for many reasons. One of these is that it will not fulfil everything that God intended it to be, which is the expression of deep love. Also sex makes the marriage official, this is the last stage of becoming a married couple. This is also known as the marriage being consummated. ...read more.


and adultery both break the exclusivity of marriage, as one of the couple is breaking the vows of marriage. Also, sex outside of marriage is not as meaningful as inside of marriage. This is because when you have sex outside of marriage you do it for pleasure and lust, but inside of marriage you do it as a sign of deep, meaningful love. Although not all Christians believe this; some think that once you are in a committed relationship, with a plan to get married, then it is all right to have a sexual relationship. If you have sex before marriage then you are breaking the vow of faithfulness for your future husband/wife. Also, that the sacrament hasn't taken place, so God's love isn't there and present. At a wedding, the greatest gift that you can give to you future husband/wife is your body. This means that you save your virginity for your husband/wife so you are pure for them. ...read more.


It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.' (Matthew 5:27-30) It is also adultery if you have a sexual relationship before you get married and then decide to get married latter on in life. This is seen as adultery because you are breaking a vow in advance, that you won't have sex outside of marriage. Having sex outside of marriage is also known as fornication. This also means that you can't give you purity/virginity to your future husband/wife. This is because you have already lost your virginity so once you have lost it to that one person then you can't lose it again for your husband/wife. Another form of adultery is when you get re-married after being divorced. This is adultery because you have only divorced legally, but in the eyes of God you are still married. If you re-marry and have sex, you have committed adultery against your first husband/wife, who you are still married to in the eyes of God. ...read more.

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