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Explain what the Roman Catholic Church teaches and believes about prejudice and discrimination.

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RE Coursework 1. Explain what the Roman Catholic Church teaches and believes about prejudice and discrimination. I will start by giving the definitions of prejudice and discrimination and giving examples of both of them. Prejudice can be described as the prejudgement of a person with no knowledge of, or about them. For example calling a person homosexual because they like things that in your eyes a heterosexual person wouldn't like is prejudice. Discrimination can be described as the exclusion of a person because they are different. For example a male suggesting that a female cannot play football simply because she is female is discrimination. The Catholic Church believes that prejudice and discrimination are wrong and show this in many bible readings such as The Good Samaritan in which the most unexpected man that could possibly help the man on the side of the road does so and pays for his hospital fees also. This was unexpected because the man that help was a Samaritan and was looked on as an outcast in society. ...read more.


One of the most famous Catholic teachings is Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. 2. Take a recent newspaper article and explain how the Church's anti prejudice and discrimination beliefs might be applied to overcome this incident. The newspaper article that I have chosen to focus on is the article involving a racial attack on a 75 year old white man in the east London advertiser. The man was racially abused and then followed to his one bedroom flat in Stepney green and then brutally attacked and hospitalised by a gang of approximately 20 - 25 Asians carrying glass bottles with broken and jagged edges. In this case a Catholic would turn to the bible for guidance because at a time like this hey would feel lonely and deserted. There they would hear such things as everyone is mad in gods image, Jesus died to set everyone free, god created all races of mankind, there is no difference between Jews and gentiles, slaves and free men, men and women we are all at one with Jesus Christ and the most famous one, Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. ...read more.


I myself as a Christian knows that god teaches us to be strictly against any form of law breaking and possibly to stop people breaking the law, not to add to crime rate numbers in whatever country that we may be living in. However some Christians might argue that god orders us to keep peace in the world and therefore we should break the law to put right injustices, but however my argument to this is if god had wanted the world to be a completely peaceful place then god would not have created the materials to make nuclear weapons or the scientists that put them together or the military generals that use them. People may also argue that we owe it to all of the Christians that have died trying to defend their religion against criticism but my argument to that is well look at the arrogant Christians in Ireland fighting each other so that they can get independence from each other. The final say: No one will ever agree on this subject. Michael Borg 11s Religious Education ...read more.

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