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Explain why Christians go on pilgrimage and the benefits they receive from going.

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:) Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla Ashish Bhopla :) Question 1: Explain why Christians go on pilgrimage and the benefits they receive from going. The dictionary definition of pilgrimage is, 'A journey made by a religious devotee to a sacred place as an act of religious commitment.' Many different religions and cultures go on pilgrimage. A majority of the world's major religions go on pilgrimage. So why do these people go on pilgrimages? Well basically, as the definition states, people show their devotion to their faith. They are showing how much their faith means to them and they are proving it. Through showing their devotion they get satisfaction from knowing that they have accepted God into their life and God has accepted them into his community. People also go on pilgrimage as a sort of penance so that they can be forgiven. Some pilgrimages can be long and arduous journeys and they were exactly this before the time of cars and airplanes. Many go to pilgrimage to get help from God, if they are going through a tough time in their life and need the strength of God to help them through this crisis. Or because of this crisis, they have lost their faith; they can renew their belief and strengthen it. Thanks-giving is a good reason why people go on pilgrimage. If they have had something good happen to them or they just simply want to say thanks for all they have, they go to holy places to say thank-you. The reason why people go to places of pilgrimage is actually to be closer to God, God's presence is probably very prominent there and people go there to be within it. ...read more.


The only difference is that it is on a much larger scale, there are still 12 stations but there is a long journey involved. The Way of the Cross is an outdoor journey where you go up one side of a steep hill and down the other. The route is about a mile long and takes around an hour to complete. Along the route you will be able to see the stations which are on quite a large scale, roughly life-size. Completing this journey is not an easy task but it helps to remind you of the problems Jesus had on His journey. This is also a form of penance. As further penance, many people often walk along the Way of the Cross barefoot, just as Christ did on His journey. This is not the only Way of the Cross as many ill and disabled people would not be able to go along the upper stations. The lower stations are set into stone walls and the journey is a pleasant one along the river and not too far from the Grotto. There is also a chapel nearby to the Grotto; this was built on instruction of Our Lady who asked people to worship there. This small chapel sees many visitors following Mary's orders to pray and worship in the chapel. One of the most important things to do at Lourdes is to bathe in the water. In accordance to Our Lady's wishes, many hundreds of people bathe in the spring, Mary told Bernadette that the spring had special healing powers and that people should drink from the spring and bathe in the water from it. The baths are specially made so that all people can bathe in it, from the completely healthy to those who are disabled. The reason for this is so that people can have the chance of having miracles performed on the by the holy contents of the water. ...read more.


I don't mean to say that there should be no church buildings. As I said before is that people are more important than buildings, I think this is a very good point as human beings make existence what it is. Church buildings have nothing to do with religion, I believe that the people inside it and God make it what it is. If you picture all those poor people, all the starving children and all those who need our help you will be able to see that human life exceeds the value of buildings and treasures and is much more important. These people who you are just 'walking past without a second look' have feelings, they are not like inanimate buildings which can cry or hurt or even laugh with joy. The meaning of 'church' is not a building but it means a community of people who come together to worship God. So whether or not there is a good church doesn't depend on the image of it but the hearts of the people within it. If you think back, what about the early Christians, there were no large expensive churches, they met in small halls or even out in the open. Jesus taught that each person must help our fellow human being. He said this by saying, 'When you feed the hungry, you feed me. When you clothe the naked, you clothe me. And when you visit those in prison, you visit me. This was in the parable of the sheep. This parable is basically explaining to us that every human being has his or her duty to look after their fellow man, and when they do that, they are looking after Jesus. This is worship in itself, worship in church means nothing if there are needy people in the world, and as long as this is the case, the only vessel of the Church is each and every person's heart. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ashish Bhopla, 11 BHW 1 Ms Ovington Religious Studies Coursework Page 1 of 7 ...read more.

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