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Explain Why Christians Think It Was Important That Jesus Died.

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EXPLAIN WHY CHRISTIANS THINK IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT JESUS DIED In Christians eyes, it is important that Jesus died. In this piece of writing I will be discussing why Christians believe that it was important that he died. Jesus was crucified on a cross. Crucifixion is the term given to the act of executing someone by nailing their hands and feet to a cross and then leaving them there to die. Jesus was crucified because the Romans feared that too many people will start following him, because many people had already started believing in Jesus' words and following his teachings. Therefore the Romans felt that people would stop obeying the Jewish authorities and that the Jewish religion would start to fade. ...read more.


Luke 9:22 Therefore if Jesus' resurrection did not take place there would be no messiah. The resurrection is the foundation of Christianity and the Christian faith, without the prophecy being fulfilled it may well be true that Christianity may not have begun, as something as great as being raised from the dead sows that god is all powerful and can defeat even death. God came to earth as human form, he needed to do this because he wanted his creation to return to him. Before Jesus had come to earth it was impossible for the creation of god to reach him as they were all so imperfect whilst god was perfect. ...read more.


Jesus created a bond (bridge) between man and god by carrying a burden of sins into heaven. This allowed man to finally be able to reunite with god in heaven and god could be together with his creation. The death of Jesus is very important to Christians. This is because if Jesus had never had died carrying the burden of sins, he would not have been resurrected, therefore thee would be no proof of eternal life. Therefore there would be no point in being a Christian, because without Jesus carrying the burden of sin and resurrecting they would not be able to reach God. Also without him doing this he would not be the messiah who was sent down to save the human race. We know however that he is the messiah because he fulfilled the prophecy, died and was resurrected. BY FAHIMA PATEL 10L ...read more.

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