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Explain Why despite Government Efforts, there is Still Inequality in Britain Today

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Explain Why despite Government Efforts, there is Still Inequality in Britain Today The government has many plans to try and abolish poverty in Britain. Although first they need to find an accurate way of discovering who is in poverty and who is just considered poor compared to the rest of the society. The reason there is still so much inequality in Britain today is because all pervious methods of finding who is in poverty by the government has failed. Britain doesn't have an official poverty line, (Where you are either in poverty or not), so some methods have been thought up by the government to try and sort out the structure of poverty in Britain, these are: Weather a household earns around half the average income in Britain. ...read more.


To say that someone is in poverty because they earn under half the average income may be inaccurate because of this reason. Also the national average income may be quite a lot larger than most people could hope to earn, mostly people in the lower class. So a lot of people may be classed as 'in poverty' although they may be people who have more basic provisions then people really in poverty. Claiming means tested benefits doesn't show if you are in poverty or not. You may be eligible to claim the support, but you may not need the support due to savings and investments etc. ...read more.


People want and need different things to others, what one person wants or needs another person may find no use for. The system of people wanting and needing items also needs to be updated all the time due to advances in technology and new desirable possessions. In conclusion, the government really has no accurate way of testing if a person is in poverty or not. If I wanted to find out who was is poverty, I would find the best way actually visiting their living conditions and asking them questions about savings and investments. I feel that the three methods I have outlined are just another way for the government to cut corners. The reason there is inequality in Britain today is because the government has failed in its efforts to abolish poverty in Britain. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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