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Explain why going on a pilgrimage is important for many Roman catholic Christians.

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Jodi Berkeley. Explain why going on a pilgrimage is important for many Roman catholic Christians. With reference to two places of pilgrimage explain the meaning and practices associated with them. A pilgrimage is a place a person goes to that has a special significance, it is a special place where something has happened, either where Jesus taught, where someone has appeared, a miracle has happened or where a martyr has died and later been named as a saint. The places have a special connection with great figures or events in the Roman Catholic religion. The places have a special holiness from being prayed in for many decades. People go on pilgrimages to feel closer to God as they feel more involved with him. The people make a special effort on their pilgrimage and this helps them to lead a disciplined spiritual life. The people feel closer to God as they are getting up and doing something. Going on a pilgrimage makes people aware of time on earth. It helps them to think and helps them to work out a sense of priorities. There are many different pilgrimage shrines people go to visit, in England there are two places you can visit, Walsingham ad Canterbury. There are also places abroad people can also visit, Rome and Taize. They also have Marion shrines, which are pilgrimage places associated with Our Lady. ...read more.


At the foot of the mount is the Church of all Nations, which is also known as the Basilica of the Agony. It joins on to the Gardens of Gethsemane, where Jesus was betrayed. The olive grove there is two thousand years old and it is from one of these trees that they believe Judas hung himself. On the far side of the mount is the small octagonal dome of the ascension, this marks the traditional site of Jesus ascent to heaven. The pilgrims can also do the Via Dolorosa, the Via Dolorosa means the way of sorrow, and this is the road Jesus took to his death. It starts from the Practorium the place of judgement where Jesus was condemned by Pilote and made to bore his cross to Calvary. They visit all fourteen Stations of the Cross and pray at each one. The last station is the Holy Sepulchre, which is believed to have been built on the sites of Jesus' crucifixion and burial. In the church of the Holy Sepulchre you can visit a tomb and touch the stone they believe Jesus to be laid on when he died. Jodi Berkeley. Pilgrims also visit Nazareth, they visit the Basilica of Annunciation, and it marks the spot what we believe to be where the Angel Gabriel visited Mary to inform her about the son God chose her to bear. ...read more.


She had a total of eighteen apparitions. People go and visit the Grotto of Massabielle where Bernadette had her visions. The spot where Bernadette saw Mary there is a statue, the statue is a replica of the way Bernadette described her. People light candles in the hope that God will answer their prayers, often when they pray at the grotto, they say the Rosary as Bernadette always said the Rosary as she arrived at the grotto. The pilgrims also visit the baths, which is the spring Bernadette dug up. Ill people bathe in it hoping it will heal them, they are fully immersed, as they believe the water can heal them. They hope it will cure them like many before. There are a number of crutches hanging at Lourdes from people who have been cured. Other people wash themselves in the water and fill bottles up to take them home to keep. This water is a lot colder than normal water. In Lourdes there are two main processions, the Blessed Sacrament procession and the Torchlight procession. The Blessed Sacrament procession starts at the grotto and works Jodi Berkeley. its way around the Esplanade to end in front of the Rosary Basilica for the Benediction. The people sing and pray together as they process around the site. The Torchlight procession assembles the pilgrims for the recital of the Rosary. Each person is given a lighted candle; it has an atmosphere of joy, celebration and hope. During the celebration they sing the Lourdes hymn 'Immaculate Mary.' ?? ?? ?? ?? VI I ...read more.

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