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Explain why is there a need for world development

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Explain why there is a need for world development There are more than six billion people in the world and many of these people don't have the basic necessities of life. Countries like Africa, India and many more are known as the third world countries they are mostly in a desperate state. The world needs to develop the means to prevent poverty and develop and change the way we look at poverty. There are also a lot of countries that are suffering from natural disasters that's why other rich countries such as America and Britain help them but in the end of that they will owe them a lot of money. ...read more.


War is a huge problem in the world as it causes instability and this disrupts peoples lives and earnings. Other children in these countries are sent to war because they are cheap and less likely to refuse authorities and after the war they have no education they are more likely to be unemployed when they grew older that's why some other rich countries exploit children in poorer countries, these workers get a very small amount of wage. Some other big company's in richer countries buy their raw metals very cheap from other third world countries and sell their goods such as guns and ammos for higher prices. ...read more.


As I mention before about children that went to the war they will have lack of education and will sometimes cause crimes such as stealing, kidnap for ran some and a lot more crimes just to have money to give to their family. The lack of education also provides a key reason for why third world countries aren't as develop as the north western countries like America. There are many ways which we can help third world countries by donating goods such as clothing, food, money and etc.. ...read more.

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