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Explain why Religious people may have problems with transplant surgery.

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Katie Lane Explain why Religious people may have problems with transplant surgery. Most Christians agree with transplant surgery however some are opposed to transplant surgery. They disagree with using organs from dead people but accept using organs as donated by living relatives. Jews have a similar view to Christians on this matter. Muslims however are totally opposed to it some Muslims do allow transplant surgery using organs from a living donor as long as the donor is a close relative. More Hindus are for transplant surgery than against and mainly will carry donor cards. Christians that are opposed to transplant surgery believe that transplants can ignore the sanctity of life, God created us in his image so transplanting organs means you interfering with what God intended and therefore "playing God". ...read more.


In the Qu'ran the Muslim holly book, it says that God has created the entire body so to take parts or organs from one body and transplant it into another is to act as God. To act as God is the greatest sin in Islam so you can see how the majority of transplant surgery is strictly forbidden. As well as this the Shari'ah another Muslim holly book teaches that after death nothing should be removed from the body. They are also totally opposed to post-mortems. Muslims have very specific death rituals this is why this is extremely important and therefore organs should not be removed from Muslims that have passed away. ...read more.


If a person is suffering due to having kidney failure or a bad heart or anything that can receive any kind of surgery, transplant or not. This is because God intended it to be that way, due to the persons previous doings of bad deed's and they should not try to avoid Gods will by having transplant surgery done to themselves. They also believe in something called ahimsa, and that transplant surgery is doing violence to the person in which the organ is taken from. Hindus are also really worried that poor people may be tempted to sell their organs, or maybe even go to extreme lengths to die, to provide money for the family to live off. They believe that it's wrong to exploit the poor. ...read more.

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