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Explain why religious people may have problems with transplant surgery.

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Explain why religious people may have problems with transplant surgery Transplant surgery involves donation of organs from one person to someone who needs an organ because their organ is malfunctioning or diseased, this enables about 2,700 people to take on a new lease of life in the UK every year. Transplants are the best possible treatment for most people with organ failure. Kidney transplants are the most commonly performed. Transplants of the heart, liver and lungs are also regularly carried out. As medicine advances, other vital organs including the pancreas and small bowel are also being used in transplants. Tissue such as corneas, heart valves, skin and bone can also be donated. People who have died and people alive can donate these organs. The number of living donor kidney transplants has doubled since 1997.Techniques are improving all the time and it may soon be practical to transplant other parts of the body. Transplants save lives, In the UK between 1 April 2002 and 31 March 2003:the highest number of patients for six years received a kidney transplant with living donation ...read more.


Although Christians agree transplant surgery is acceptable, they would object to rich people or surgeons in the developed world paying for organs from the poor, they believe this is wrong because the bible is full of statements of not exploiting the poor and the poor are being exploited because the their organs are being used in an organ trade, people are buying their organs. Some other Christians are opposed to transplant surgery using organs from dead people, but accept organs donated by living relatives, they do not allow organs to be paid for they believe this because the Christian belief is that organs such as the heart is an inherent part of the individual who has been created by god. They believe that transplanting organs from the dead is taking advantage of god's authority, humans do not have the right to act as god. Organs that can be used from the living are not essential and so can be used to obey Jesus' command to love your neighbour. ...read more.


The Tenakh and the Torah do not allow organs to be paid for because this is seen as exploiting the poor. Overall most Christians agree that transplant surgery is acceptable as long as the poor are not exploited. Other Christians believe transplant surgery is acceptable but they do not allow organs to be paid for as organs such as the heart are an inherent part of the individual who has been created by go. Jews think that transplant surgery is acceptable but prefer the organs donated, to be by Jews because Jewish heritage is important. So both Christians and Jews believe transplant surgery is acceptable, depending on certain circumstances. Religious people might have a problem with transplant surgery because they believe that transplanting organs is taking advantage of god's authority and humans do not have a right to act as god, organs which are paid for are exploiting the poor and exploiting the poor is banned in the bible and it raises problem of when someone is dead as such things as heart transplants require the heart to be removed before it has stopped beating. Hasina 11SD 04/05/2007 ...read more.

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