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Explain why some Christians find it difficult to believe in miracles

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Explain why some Christians find it difficult to believe in miracles. Although many Christians believe in miracles and may have experienced one, so use it as a reason for God's existence, many Christians can't or find it difficult to believe in miracles. There are many reasons why people may find it difficult to believe. The first and perhaps the most used reason is that there is no scientific proof that the miracles, which the Bible tells us, are true. ...read more.


For example in the Bible it tells us of the healing of a blind man and a man who can't walk. For them just to be touched by Jesus, then suddenly cured of their disability seems pretty impossible to modern day people and Christians, as we don't hear of anything like that happening in this day and age. The Resurrection of Jesus is possibly the hardest miracle to believe. ...read more.


Many Christians believe that Jesus performed miracles and the bible tells of them in order to challenge us in our faith. God knows how hard they can be to believe and therefore uses them to test us in our faith and belief in God. All these are reasons why many Christians and non-Christians find it hard to believe in miracles, but also why some believe miracles were performed. I personally do believe in miracles, despite the lack of proof and the challenges, which miracles do bring, I know how much of a challenge they can be to my faith but ask God to help me overcome these difficulties. ...read more.

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