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Explain why some Christians go on a pilgrimage and the effect it may have on them

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Clive Shaw Pilgrimage Explain why some Christians go on a pilgrimage and the effect it may have on them Some Christians will go on a pilgrimage for many different reasons including curiosity, religion and sometimes for an experience. After people go on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage they can usually feel a number of different feelings, but these feelings aren't always necessarily positive feelings. Reasons that Christians go on pilgrimages could include asking for a favour or some support in their life, trying to get closer to God, for an experience or to just relax and have time to think. Different destinations that people go on offer different experiences. For instance people will usually go to Lourdes in France because it is known that the spring water that runs down from the mountains is meant to heal you and people go to Lourdes to be dipped in this water and they hope to be healed. ...read more.


One of the most popular destinations people visit on a pilgrimage is Lourdes in France. This destination is so popular because it is said to have spring water that runs down the mountains and has the ability to heal the sick or wounded. There are also other reasons people visit Lourdes whether it be curiosity, a desire for a physical cure. But also people don't just go to Lourdes for personal gain, but some people go there to help others and to be of service to those that are suffering. Going on a pilgrimage can affect different people in different ways, whether it's a positive or negative reaction to the pilgrimage. The reason people go on a pilgrimage can be a cause of how they will be affected after the pilgrimage. For instance someone could go to Lourdes to be healed of a certain disability and then come back with a sense of disappointment if they were not healed, this could also make the person doubt their faith and question their God's. ...read more.


The people that do not go to be healed or to think about their home life, but to simply help those that are suffering also get a satisfactory feel from the pilgrimage because they are able to help those that might not have anyone else to help them. Also pilgrims can be spiritually satisfied after a pilgrimage if the reason is that they wanted forgiveness or to repent their sins, and the outcome of repenting or asking for forgiveness is that the pilgrim might not feel guilty anymore for their sins. There are many different factors that can affect someone after they go on a pilgrimage. It could be to do with age, attitude, religion or reason for the pilgrimage. But including these factors, whether it is long term or short term, physically or spiritually, I think that all pilgrims get some positive result out of a pilgrimage. ...read more.

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