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Explain why some Christians go on pilgrimage and the effect that this might have on them

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Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action B) Christians have many ways in which they can demonstrate their own belief about whether abortion is right or wrong, and under which circumstances. There are many different Christian denominations which have controversial views on abortion. Christians can support certain anti or pro abortion groups such as Amnesty International which works with mothers educating them about how to care for a baby so that the baby doesn't get aborted but they especially help rape victims and young mothers in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC's). Christians would also support SPUC-Society for the Protection of Unborn Children-whose aim is to 'represent a voice for the unborn. SPUC promotes awareness of the humanity of the unborn child to encourage more widespread recognition of the obligation to defend those with no means to defend themselves.' (http://www.spuc.org.uk/about/) They do this by political lobbying, leaflets and, in 1990, a free foetus model was sent to every secondary school in the U.K. ...read more.


This could be due to their own belief about abortion, disregarding their faith, but it could also be as this is what some Christians believe is what a modern Christian should support. The Bible, the main source of advice on morality for Christians, doesn't have a set view on abortion as the idea of procured abortion was not around then, so Christians can make up their own mind on what it would say about it. This group is for the sympathetic Christians who know it is hard for a woman who feel they have no choice and abortion really is the only option. Christians who support IPAS would probably also agree with 'Open Door' which offers free counselling to women in the UK who have had abortions. Christians beliefs about abortion might influence the political party they support once they know their policies regarding abortion in order to try and change the Law or educate more people, spread a message, to others about abortion or why abortion is needed and should be legalised in more countries. ...read more.


Roseanne is setting up a Holy Order (Pro-Life) which deals with not only the issue of abortion but Euthanasia, Suicide etc. She believes that pregnancy is like engagement, preparation to commitment, and people wear engagement rings to show this, a pregnant women should wear some sort of garment too. Some Christian activist groups go around schools educating children about safe-sex, contraception and the consequences, hoping to stop the problem of young mothers at its source. They believe in educating children young so that they will be more sensible when they become older and know the risks. They offer advice and try to be as helpful as possible. Christians have many ways to put their beliefs about abortion into action. Even if their views are different all that they do is supporting a basic Christian ethos of love, kindness, showing empathy, helping those in need and offering support. A Christian would not condemn anyone no-matter what their view is regarding the subject. Overall Christians show their belief constructively without the use of violence which is the best way to educate the masses as everyone is Gods messiah. ...read more.

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