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Explain why the Scientific Cosmology could be seen as Contradicting religious Cosmologies (Aii)

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Explain why the Scientific Cosmology could be seen as Contradicting religious Cosmologies (Aii) Many people do not believe in God, so they find faith in science. Over the last hundred years, science has proven many of the biblical theories and explanations. This has led to many people believing in the scientific cosmology. The scientific cosmology is the story of creation predicted by scientists. A religious cosmology however is based on statements from holy books. According to scientists, the Earth is roughly 4000 million years old. The scientific cosmology states that that the Big Bang created everything including the sun and planets. ...read more.


However scientist can counter this with the Apparent Age theory. This claimed that if you accept the traditional and literal view, then when Adam was made, the Earth was six days old but would have appeared billions of years older to his eyes. Another contradiction is that the religious cosmology states that humans were created on the sixth day but the scientific cosmology will say that it took a certain amount of time for humans to evolve from animals. There are also no statements in either holy book about the creation of dinosaurs. ...read more.


However in a particular religion, there are different attitudes towards the scientific cosmology. Creationists/Literalists will say that the scientific cosmology is completely wrong and that the bible is correct. Literalists believe that the bible is the exact word of God and every bit is true. The traditional viewers of the Islamic cosmology will not agree with the scientific cosmology as most of it contradicts the Qur'an and whatever goes against the word of God is wrong and therefore a sin to believe in it. The modern views will be more agreeable to it as they believe it is referred to in the Qur'an. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mr Woods Religious Studies Coursework Vitor Sundargi ...read more.

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