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Explain why the suffering, death and resurrection are important for Christians today.

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EXPLAIN WHY THE SUFFERING, DEATH AND RESURRECTION ARE IMPORTANT FOR CHRISTIANS TODAY. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16. Jesus knew his destiny. His is the supreme example of self-sacrificing love. His was a love so strong that he endured such pain and suffering for the sake of God, whom he loved, and the entire human race. Christians today believe that Jesus died for our sins. His death was the highest declaration of his love. Christians show self-sacrifice when they are prepared to give their time, effort and money to help those who are less fortunate. ...read more.


He remained undeterred in his fight for equality. His faith never left even when he may have had a premonition about his death when he said he had "been to the mountain top and seen the Promised Land". The next day he was shot and killed. He was prepared to die for his beliefs. Mother Teresa was a nun who worked in Calcutta, India. She became a missionary so she could spread the love of Christ. The presence of poverty and sickness so moved her that she dedicated her life to helping them. For more than 45 years Mother Teresa comforted the poor, the dying and the unwanted around the world. In 1979 she also was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her love, generosity, dedication and hard work for the benefit of others. ...read more.


The basis of the New Covenant is the death of Jesus. At the last supper Jesus said "This is my blood shed for many for the forgiveness of sins" Mark 14:24 sealing the New Covenant between God and his people. The resurrection of Jesus shows us that he was freed from death and was going on to eternal life. Christians believe that in life after death there will be no suffering as "God will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain" Revelations 21:3-4. Jesus suffered so that we could have eternal life. The kingdom of Heaven is opened to all who accept what Jesus died for. Christians believe that what lies after this life is one of peace and harmony. It is what we strive to achieve in this life. We "go and serve in the name of Christ". ...read more.

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