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Explain why the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are important for Christians today? Although Christians worship and live by many of Jesus' teachings, actions and miracles

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R.S. Coursework Question 2 Explain why the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are important for Christians today? Although Christians worship and live by many of Jesus' teachings, actions and miracles, the most celebrated of his actions and miracles are his death, suffering and resurrection. This is because the sacrifice reunites with us God, and forgives us of our sins. I am going to give detailed reasons of why this means so much to Christians, and why they use a symbol of a man being tortured to death as a symbol of victory. Suffering and Death One of the biggest questions asked by Christians about Jesus' sacrifice is "why did he do it?" ...read more.


It is hard to imagine any one being tortured to death for people, half of whom wouldn't know or care who he is. It is also great because Jesus is the son of God. This is important because God is sacrificing his own son for humanity, and it symbolises Gods love for us. In the Catholic church the suffering and death of Jesus are talked about far more than the resurrection, because it, to them, is such an awesome sacrifice. Resurrection Although Jesus did die, after three days he appeared to his friends and followers to be alive. The Resurrection is considered by many to be Jesus' greatest miracle. The fact he undergoes one of the most painful deaths imaginable is made better by the fact that he comes back to life form the dead. ...read more.


Without the resurrection, the suffering and death of Jesus don't mean as much. If Jesus were just to die after, then we would not know if his sacrifice was an important one. The resurrection shows that because Jesus died, he has conquered death and the crucifixion is a victory. The resurrection proves to Christians that death is not the end, that there is something to look forward to after they die, and that Jesus died in order for that to be accomplished. In conclusion, the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus are so important for Christians because they symbolise God's love for humanity and a victory over death. The suffering and death symbolises that our sins were so great that the punishment had to be an extremely painful one, and the resurrection symbolises that the sacrifice of Jesus was a victory for humans. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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