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Explain why there is a need for World Development.

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(ii) Explain why there is a need for World Development. 1. What is the meaning of World Development? There are two types of poverty currently within the world. Absolute poverty is defined by people having too little money to provide standard living conditions for themselves. Relative poverty exists where a person is considered poor in relation to the average wealth held in their society. These people do not even have shelter, education and health, they are deprived people, and they do not live lives like the people in the West. These people are mostly living in the East and they face extreme health problems in which millions die, natural disasters also affect there poverty. And they are often treated badly by the government or even the society and are powerless to change decisions affecting their lives, i.e. they are not able to vote. These are all various forms of poverty. However World Development has changed the world's poverty as groups and organisations all over the world are helping poverty in many ways. For example they improve the educational facilities, health facilities and they provide the needy with shelter. This is all world development. 2. How is the World Classified? From about 1950 to 1985, it was common to talk about poor countries as, 'Third World' Countries. This was because most people divided the world into three groups. These three groups were: ? First World- The West (Western Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, USA, etc) ? Second World- Countries like, USSR, Eastern Europe, China. These were known as rich but not as rich as the First World. ...read more.


000 Bangladesh 220 41 14 53 0.08 12 500 Ethiopia 100 48 18 47 0.03 33 000 World development in 1993 (Geog. Text Book) The Causes of Poverty. The causes of Poverty are mainly due to people having a lack of education, hardly any wealth, bad health and discrimination. However all over the world people are becoming less successful in wealth and other matters, whereas most people are becoming poorer and the gap between rich and poor is increasing immensely. The many causes of poverty include being uneducated. This plays a key role for poverty, because if you are not educated then how are you going to find a job? It is very hard to achieve a good job without being educated. Education is an important part of a developed country. It is influenced by wealth as without wealth the schools cannot be built and the teachers cannot be paid. Also in countries where there are mostly primary industry workers the children may be needed to work instead of going to school and cheap labour is also involved. Without education the population cannot go on to get secondary or better qualified jobs that will make the country gain in development. Because of a lack of schools in third world countries, not many people are able to work in medicine and other top class jobs; therefore health care is rare in third world countries and HIV/AIDS are common in third world countries Without education the population cannot go on to get secondary or better qualified jobs that will make the country gain in development. ...read more.


Another way we can help these countries is by giving them aids. There are three main forms of aid: ? Bilateral Aid ? Multilateral Aid ? NGO's Bilateral aid- This type of aid is between two countries, one rich and the other a LEDC. Money is given by a rich donor country to a poorer country. In reality this aid is not given but is often tied. This means that the donor imposes conditions upon the recipient country. Multilateral aid-This is when the richer countries give money to international organisations such as the World Bank these organisations then redistribute the money to the poorer countries. It's like a charity. NGO's:- Meaning Non-Governmental organisations is a charity that is nothing to do with the government. It is registered though on the, 'Global NGO register'. An example of an NGO is, "Human Appeal International" CONCLUSION. So it seems to me that World Poverty has been looked at it certain ways however it remains to a very complex issue. However poverty is affected by many aspects. Mainly of which is war and world debt. These two are really unnecessary factors that should not be tolerated anymore. If these were not the case then World Poverty would definitely decrease. Therefore the world shall be free from poverty if we take action and that is to do something about wars and world debt which is not a good way to represent the country as the gap between rich and poor increases. A recent headline also states, "Growing "Gap" between Rich & Poor USA and worldwide." Hammaad Khalil 27/04/07 - 1 - ...read more.

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