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Explain 'Why there is a need for World development'.

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Explain 'Why there is a need for World development' World development is a topic that discusses the causes of 'why there are some countries that are tremendously rich, but on the other hand why there are some are extremely poor?' The study of this issue also looks upon the main roots of the causes of extreme poverty. The countries of the world are divided into three major key groups- developed countries, developing countries, and less developed countries (LDC's). The reason for this division depends on the conditions of the countries wealth or poverty. Firstly, the developed countries are the result of their wealth and the majority of their population gets all-basics for life, example, food, clean water, shelter, education etc. United State of America and the most of the Western European countries including United Kingdom are the main developed countries that live in an advanced world. Whereas, some countries that are not poverty suffering but are still not as rich as the developed countries are the developing countries like Malaysia, Mexico and Brazil. ...read more.


The refugee problems are then created in the country with lots of people getting in all at same time, and financially the following country goes down. Like the war on Afghanistan lots of refugees travelled over to Pakistan, which is developing country, financially the country started to go down, by trying to provide enough food and shelter for the refugees. Furthermore, other problems are also created by the destruction such the land not being able to grow any crops forever. Unfortunately the LDC's are again the ones that suffer more from the natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, and storms, than the rest of the countries. Developed countries can provide quick emergency supply for their people immediately, so for example, in a flood they can provide helicopters to pull out people from water, and provide basics instantly such as food and shelter and pay for the damages afterwards, whilst for an LDC the basics, help and appeals won't always be present and cause further problems for the countries. ...read more.


There is no technology so cash crops are depended on animals and manpower. The LDC's have a disadvantage of earning only a small fraction of the profits from their crops as the most of it is paid off to the industries. Also there is always a risk for an LDC to relay on just one crop as the prices in the markets change from time to time. Poverty cycle is cycle that never ends for a LDC as it keeps it process going forever unless the other or more developed people help. The cycle starts off growing less food therefore less money leading to use up the money to buy food then there is no money. If there is no money, and no food leads to hunger, lack of energy and thereafter illness. Less people are then able to work and join the beginning of the poverty cycle again. The cycle also affects the life expectancy of the people. On the whole, the major reason for the need of world development is to stop the big unfair division between the wealth and poverty, and try to stop the poverty cycle be success full, so that everyone in the world is equal. ...read more.

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