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Explain why there is a need for world development

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A2 Explain why there is a need for world development. The world we live develops everyday. But some countries didn't give many progresses. So this divided the world into two groups: developed countries and developing countries. The majority are developing countries which cover two-third of the world like Africa, Asia, and South American continents. Developed continents like Europe, North America, and Oceania are wealthy and very prosperous. Therefore, in order to understand the need of development, I will look at problems of poverty in this world. ...read more.


Also civil wars in a country, natural disasters, and cash crops can slow down the development of a country. On the other hand, the rich people in developed countries are having a luxurious life. One analysis said that the wealth of all US millionaires was $30 trillion, which is more than GDP's of China, Japan, Brazil, Russia and the EU combined. Some city eateries sell one omelet for $1000! ...read more.


Now days, not many people starve as they used to be. The Declaration of Human Rights declares that everyone is equal. The inner meaning say we should make fewer gaps between wealthy and poor people; but this world development is just not for equality of men, but it is for the peace on earth.2 1 The Observer (newspaper), Sunday July 22nd, 2007 by Paul Harris in New York 2 Most reference from the Religion Studies textbook, Religion and Life and GCSE for you, Christianity and Moral Issues ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Enok Cheon 10 alpha Hebron School Why need for Development ...read more.

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