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Explain why there is a need for world development.

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Explain why there is a need for world development The world used to be divided into three categories, first world, second world and third world countries.the first world countries where countries like the U.K. and the U.S.A., who are economically rich.the second world countries, like china, are rich in some parts, but other parts are quite poor.then there is third world countries, like Sudan or Mali. These countries are in a lot of economic trouble.now, instead of countries being referred to as first, second and third world, they are known as developed, developing and less developed countries.it is more correct to use these terms because "less developed country" is a lot less offensive than "third world country". ...read more.


loans have really high rates of interest added on to them, so less developed countries can not afford to pay the interest, nevermind the loan itself.the sad thing about debt is, once the country is in debt, it becomes very hard to get out of it, as it becomes a vicious circle: * Cash crops ( * Lack of education (people cant afford to pay for their education, as they have no job, but to get a good job, you need an education) * Lack of clean water (people cant afford fresh water everyday) * Disease (lots of diseases are easily spread in less developed countries, due to the bad living conditions, and people do not have enough money to pay for the nessacery treatment to cure the diseases) ...read more.


Several companies in the U.K. do a range of products in which producers/workers in less developed countries get paid a fair wage.Obviosly the price of these goods, when sold in Britain, is higher.Some people prefer to buy fair trade products because they feel guilty if they don't,like they are exploiting peoples poverty. Many organisations campaign,asking the government to drop the debt that many less developed countries owe - giving the people who live there chance to work their way out of poverty. It is for these reasons,and many more,that there is a need for world development.Everyone deserves an opportunity in life,no matter where they live (because not all countries are the same). Aimee-joanne rawling-walker ...read more.

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