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Explain why there is a need for world development

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Explain why there is a need for world development In the world today, there are many different kinds of the countries which are developed countries, developing countries and less economically developed countries. This is because some of the countries have many natural resources like Saudi Arabia, but some countries like Somalia do not. Many developed countries are in North America and Europe. However, less economically developed countries are in Africa. There is a need for world development which can decrease the rate of malnourished and infant mortality rate. Developed country is countries that have a high level of development according to some criteria. Most people in developed country can access to have clean water, food, education and health care. This is because the government support them using the taxes from their citizens. Very few people suffer from malnourishment; there is low infant mortality rate and high life expectancy. The developed countries have low infant mortality rate and high life expectancy because the technique of the medical is really high and good so they could extend their citizen's life. Also their education is high quality which would lead to develop the new techniques. ...read more.


They are now working toward a more prosperous standard of living for their people. Countries such as Malaysia and Brazil also have developing economies. Less Economically Developed Countries is a country where most people do not even have the basic necessaries of life. For example, good housing, clean water, education, food and medical care. Infant mortality is high, life expectancy is low and many people are malnourished. They have nigh infant mortality rate because they cannot have the basic medical treatment from the government which are necessary to the babies because they do not have money. Also their life expectancy is low because their medical techniques are really low so they cannot get proper treatment if they got a cancer or serious diseases. Many people are malnourished because their food is always needed. They might not have many workers, good techniques or unsuitable land. Many people suffer from AIDS. These are uncommon for people living in developed countries. For example, Somalia, Sudan Bolivia and Afghanistan are LEDC which stands for Less Economically Developed Countries. LEDC countries are exactly opposite of Developed countries. LEDC countries are poorer than other countries because they do not have any natural resources, low literacy rate, natural disasters and many wars. ...read more.


This extra 10 billion dollars could have been used to spend up Jack's development; instead this money will go to Developed countries, Unfair trade could be reason for being LEDCs. World trade is dominated by the Developed Countries of the world. It is often the rich countries that determine the prices paid for products from LEDCs. Most people in LEDC country are growing surplus crops and export their surplus to earn money from MEDCs (Michigan Economic Development Corporation). However, Developed Countries protect their farmers using their wealth which means that poor countries are being kept poor by the trade policies of rich countries. There are many dangerous diseases in the LEDC countries such as AIDS and HIV. This disease is sweeping the LEDC countries. The methods of safe sex and the drugs to control the disease used in the rich countries are far too expensive. The loss of many earners and the presence of so many children who will not be able to have an education is causing many African countries to become poorer. This effect is going to get worse, and only the rich countries can help. Therefore, there is still a need for world development today because there are many countries who suffer from high malnourished rate, high infant mortality rate and not enough necessities. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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