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Explain why there is a need for world development

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a) II Explain why there is a need for world development There is a clear north-south divide in the world. The northern half of the world is generally richer than the south, with the exception of a few countries such as Australia. Despite the fact that only 20% of the world's population live in the north, they have 80% of the world's money. For this to be rectified the entire world needs to be developed for these countries to a have more humane environment. Some religious organisations have been able calculate statistics, highlighting the widening gap between rich and poor. CAFOD was one organisation that released statistics in the year 2000 showing various injustices: "For every 1000 people in Canada there are 221 doctors. For every 1000 people in Haiti, there are 16." "A woman in the UK can expect to live for an average of 79.4 years. In Bangladesh, she can expect to reach 57." "The developed world has access to 94% of the world's health care. So 6% is left for the other three quarters of the world's population." ...read more.


This also resulted in more money being spent on weapons than on the poor. Wars have also caused there to be more refugees and famine, increasing the problem of poverty for the world as a whole. The causes of poverty can be put down to a number of other factors as well as those listed above. There is often a large population in developing countries, which means that there are more people to feed, clothe, etc. The problem is that parents feel that they need a lot of children so that they will have more help with work to bring in food and will have a better chance of having children to look after them when they get too old to look after themselves. Despite the fact that richer countries have smaller families they tend to consume more food than the poorer families in developing countries. Disaster are also linked to poverty, as people who live in disaster areas can be made homeless by an earthquake or tsunami destroying their homes or farm land. ...read more.


to cancel the debt of a neighbour or release a slave: "He and his children are to be released in the year of the Jubilee." (Leviticus 25:54) CAFOD and Christian are to other religious organisations who try to help poor countries. There is a desperate need for world development. So that we can at least reduce the pain and suffering of the people in developing countries. But Jesus said "You have the poor with you always." This is not a signal for us to ignore the problems of the Developing World but it means that we have to look after them. The Roman Catholic Church sees a lot of poverty as the result of sin not just by governments but by wealthier countries neglecting their responsibility to look after their fellow human being. The world does not just need to be developed but also re-educated to the reality of poverty in the world and the effect that a lot of our actions have on the poor. For example, supermarkets fighting for lower prices to please the customer and in the process reducing the amount that the developing countries receive in return for their goods. ...read more.

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