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Explain why there is a need for world development. In modern day, there is a very sharp divide between the rich and the poor countries in the world

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A)ii) Explain why there is a need for world development. In modern day, there is a very sharp divide between the rich and the poor countries in the world. This division is often known as the North/South divide, because most of the rich countries are found to the north of the equator and the poor countries are found to the south, with a few exceptions. The richer countries are often known as the Developed countries or world. Only a quarter of the world's population lives in the developed countries but yet that one-quarter uses up three quarters of the world's resources (food, fuel etc) each year. The poorer countries are more often known as the developing world, and in contrast to the developed world, three quarters of the world's population live in the these developing countries and yet only a quarter of the worlds resources are used by this majority of the population each year. ...read more.


Therefore a vicious cycle is started; lots of children are needed to make money and support the country but then the country can't afford to support and provide for them. Natural disasters seem to frequently occur in the Developing world, whether it is drought, floods, hurricanes, disease or earthquakes. However these disasters have a great impact on the already struggling countries because the countries are not rich or developed enough to provide for their people after a disaster and therefore many people die in the after stages of a disaster as well a sin the initial impact. Rich countries, such as Japan or the USA, are able to predict a disaster using money and technology, and they are also able provide methods of withstanding particular disasters by reducing the destruction caused. Unfortunately the poor cannot afford prevention methods and the reason that they are so liable to disasters is because the people cannot afford to live anywhere safer. ...read more.


they are gaining no profit at all. Most people are pressing the government to cancel world debt and to let the poor countries use the money for getting their country back on track, and also because they are taking advantage of the vulnerable and in need rather than helping them, as God said to do. However there are some who disagree with that because they are getting a good deal for their prices and exports from the countries. The Church exists 'to proclaim' good news to the poor and freedom for the oppressed, and this is a reason why Christians feel that they are compelled to act. I also think that many do not see how it can be morally right or fair to see some many of their fellow people in such dire conditions that they need to help because it is so unjust, and I think almost everyone feels that they would want to be helped if they were in that situation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rosie McLaren ...read more.

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