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Explain why there is a need for world development.

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Wealth And Poverty Aii) Explain why there is a need for world development. Millions of people around the world are suffering through starvation and poverty, through no fault of their own. The reason for this is many countries are not as privileged as others. These countries are known as "less economically developed countries" or L.E.D.C's. Signs of an L.E.D.C are not hard to find. Things such as poor housing, poor healthcare, disease and a high risk of crime are all regular day to day situations that people living in L.E.D.C's have had to learn to live with. Conditions are harsh and there are no means to stop this issue from continuing. Places such as Africa, Brazil, India and Pakistan are all classed as L.E.D.C's, with little or no water supplies in most villages, and a high risk of catching a fatal disease. So much so, that infant mortality is very common as there are no vaccinations or other healthcare available, along with children under the age of 5 being much more open to catch a disease, compared to children in their teens or adults. ...read more.


This has become a massive problem, with any money made having to go to western countries. With L.E.D.C's taking months and sometimes even years to repay money owed, interest rates grow rapidly on top of the original amount owed. Money having to be constantly paid back means there is no money left over for themselves. This is known as poverty trap. Also the dramatic rise in oil, which increased as much as 400%, did not help with the massive amount of debt having to be repayed as quick as possible, to stop interest rates from becoming extortionate. Another problem with L.E.D.C's is the rapidly increasing population. Families with a large amount of children is common in the likes of Africa and India. Children are needed as workers to bring in maximum income and help support their family. Also there is only a 50% chance that the child will survive past the age of 5, because of the lack of food, water and high risk of catching a fatal disease. ...read more.


Reasons for people fighting people from the same country are often because of the empire-building that once occurred many years ago. However, civil wars are not the only wars that go on. Many wars have been between two different countries, such as Ethiopia and Somalia. Another reason for causing problems amongst L.E.D.C's is natural disasters occurring. This is under no-ones control and can therefore not be stopped. Many L.E.D.C's are situated in prime locations where natural disasters are at their highest. Many natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and droughts, destroy many people's homes and cause devastation in their path. If there is a little amount of rainfall or to much, crops will be destroyed and wont grow properly, meaning there is a shortage on food and often stopping a families only food supply. As there are many problems that can be resolved through a long period of time, there are also many that can not be helped and are beyond our control, and will therefore continue to cause more destruction and devastation within L.E.D.C's. ...read more.

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