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Explain why work and employment are essential for human welfare according to Christian teaching.

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Divinity Coursework Task 1a 'Unemployment is the worst evil, in the sense that the unemployed feel that they have fallen out of the common life ... they are not wanted, that is the thing that has the power to corrupt the soul of any man' (Archbishop William Temple) Explain why work and employment are essential for human welfare according to Christian teaching. In order to say why work and unemployment are essential for human welfare, according to Christian teaching, I first have to define the words 'work' and 'employment' in the same way in which a Christian would define them. I will also have to say why these two things are essential for a human to live a good life. Employment is a way of access to work, which brings great happiness and peace in peoples' lives. Without employment a person is unemployed, millions of people are in this position, which is very depressing. William Temple said 'Unemployment is the worst evil.... it has the power to corrupt the soul of any man.' This shows that there are personal and social costs of unemployment. If a person loses a job their sense of belonging disappears - they can feel humiliated, angry, worthless, and depressed. ...read more.


Also no one may work for their own means, this would also be wrong. Christians do not believe in exactly the same ideas as are behind Communism, but they do think along the same ideas. They do not believe that all people should work for each other, but they think that all people should contribute wealth towards those who are not so well off, through charities for example. Both Christianity and Marxism have the image of a 'Paradise' and a 'Messiah' together making up the 'Telos' (perfect society). Christianity places paradise in heaven and has Christ as the Messiah. Unlike this Marxism places paradise on Earth with 'Revolution' as the Messiah. At first Christianity was the movement of the persecuted, for the Christians were attacked by Jews and Romans. Also today countless forces are trying to crush Christianity in Islamic countries. Christianity preaches deliverance from this type of slavery and poverty, and so does Marxism. They are similar in the way in which they both wish for no class distinction. Overall one can see that Marxism and Christianity share very similar goals, it is just their ways of achieving these which are different. Marxism is about a revolution of society and Christianity is about the evolution of the heart. ...read more.


A Christian would also have a very religious view on the lottery. They would believe that it transforms someone's faith in God into faith in six measly balls. In Matthew it says "You cannot serve God and money,". Also, by having an upper limit to the amount won in the national lottery, more money will be donated to charity which is what a true Christian would want. Another point which a Christian would make is that gambling is a form of taking (when one wins), and Jesus taught that taking is a bad thing. The lottery is a form of 'taking' because what is happening is that many of the poor people are giving their money to the winner, who takes it all. The only advantage of having a high jackpot in the national lottery is that it increases the excitement of the game. There is more competition, more hope, and more anxiety. Although if one ways this point up to all the others one can see that there should be an upper limit on the national lottery, whether it is one million pounds, or one thousand pounds. This would make many more people happy and also change the world to a better place, just how Christianity and Marxism want it to be. ?? ?? ?? ?? 27/04/07 1 J.Kidd ...read more.

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