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Faced with issues of abortion and euthanasia explain the different ways Christians might respond.

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AO2 - Faced with issues of abortion and euthanasia explain the different ways Christians might respond. Nearly all Christians are taught that abortion is wrong no matter which denomination you're in, it is seen as murder because Christians believe that a foetus is a living thing and has writes too. Although different denominations teach different things and look at it in different ways its all means the same, its wrong, apart from some extreme cases like if the foetus would cause the woman to die or if the woman was raped and became pregnant, this could have a very high psychological effect on the woman. ...read more.


They have also put things into newspapers and on the news. Some free churches believe that the woman should be fully informed about all the options, then "allow god to guide them" but I think its should be up to the woman and only the woman, no person should try to change their mind. All denominations disagree with euthanasia because God said to Moses in the 10 commandments 'Do Not Kill', and euthanasia is just taking the life of someone who is in pain and who wants to die. ...read more.


There are some cases in which euthanasia would be right, for example if the person was in excruciating pain. In the end, Christians think that abortion and euthanasia is wrong, this is because the bible says it and they have been taught it, I think that it should be up to the woman who is having the baby to decide what to do and for the person who wants to die, then there wish should come true Greg Stork 11 John RE Coursework ...read more.

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