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Faced with the issue of abortion explain the different ways

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Faced with the issue of abortion explain the different ways Christians might respond There are two main views taken by Christians on the issue of abortion. One is the absolutist's view, which reflects the Roman Catholic teachings, which say that abortion is never justified under any circumstances. This can also be described as the sanctity of life argument. If the foetus is handicapped the parents have the choice to abort the baby or not. A Roman Catholic would say that the foetus should not be destroyed for any reason. The Church understands that it may be difficult to bring up a handicapped child but they say that all human life is worthwhile no matter its type or quality. ...read more.


This means we are co-creators and not destroyers. Some people may say that the Catholic Church contradicts itself in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. This is when the baby plants itself and grows inside the fallopian tube. If left both the mother and child would die. The Catholic Church does not see this as a deliberate abortion. The first intention is to save the mother's life. The death of the baby is an unintended consequence. This is called the principle of double effect and is not seen as a procured abortion. The Roman Catholic Church also thinks of the handicapped people in our society at the moment. ...read more.


The Methodist Church says, "Circumstances which may often justify an abortion are direct threats to the life or health of the mother or the probable birth of a severely abnormal child." This means that they agree with abortion in the case of a handicapped child. Some Christians do not follow their churches teachings. They may have different ideas about when life begins, whether at conception, sometime during pregnancy or at birth. Christians may believe that in some circumstances abortion is justified. The Humanist view is that they "regard abortion as better than bringing unwanted babies into the world." People who support the Women's Rights Movement feel that women have the right to decide whether or not they want a child or not. They believe the foetus is part of the mother's body so it is up to her what to do. ...read more.

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