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Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain how a Christian might respond.

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. FACED WITH THE ISSUES OF ABORTION AND EUTHANASIA, EXPLAIN HOW A CHRISTIAN MIGHT RESPOND Most Christians would respond very negatively when faced with the issue of abortion. Most Christians believe in the commandment "Thou shall not kill" and as they believe that God is the creator of all human life, they believe that only God can take life. In the Bible Jeremiah shows how God has mapped out our lives: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." As God may have plans for this infant, he should not be destroyed as a foetus. The Roman Catholic Church believes that life begins at the moment of conception and that everyone has the right to life. A foetus is a person and abortion destroys its right to life and is therefore wrong. ...read more.


Overall most Christians see every infant as a precious gift from God and one in need of protection and nourishment and faced with abortion would prefer to offer love and support as Christ showed to the ill and defenceless when He was on earth, rather than to help terminate the life. A girl could have her baby adopted if she was not able to look after it and that would bring great joy to a childless couple or she could give it up for fostering until she was able to look after it herself. With time the mother could change her mind and with Christian help and encouragement might want to keep her baby. Christians respond negatively to the subject of euthanasia also as they feel that people terminally ill and suffering deserve to be loved and cared for with patience and tolerance rather than to be assisted to die. ...read more.


Other Christians, however, believe that people in pain and whose suffering cannot be ended should be helped to die if they so wish. This would both end the patient's suffering and the suffering of the family watching a loved one suffer. Others feel that everyone should be allowed to die with dignity before they become too ill to look after themselves. Others claim that Christ showed compassion to the sick and dying and that voluntary euthanasia is compassionate. Christ taught people "to love their neighbour as themselves" and some feel that helping the terminally ill or someone with a poor quality of life is showing love. Nevertheless, most Christians believe that caring for life is more in keeping with their Christian principles than destroying it so they would respond negatively when faced with either abortion or euthanasia and show love to the less fortunate be it an infant in the womb or a terminally ill person. Most Christians believe in the commandment-"Thou shall not kill." ...read more.

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