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Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways Christians might respond.

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Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways Christians might respond. Some Christians would respond, when faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, by totally disagreeing with the concept of both. They would firmly believe that the commandment 'Do not kill' applies not only to euthanasia but to the unborn child to, believing that the foetus is a new life, so removing it is murder and also killing a patient is not an accident, as only God should decide when life should be ended. In 195AD a doctor of the church, Clement of Alexandra said 'if you have an abortion not only do you kill the embryo but along with it, all human kindness' also Saint Paul reminds us that God's Holy Spirit lives in our bodies so we must not harm them as God is in there, just as he was present during Mary's pregnancy. It is thought that if a woman is in a crisis pregnancy she can be offered support, compassion and care, which is the duty of the Christian society to provide. ...read more.


The mother could also question the justification of bringing a disabled baby into the world, especially now there are more and more tests that can determine early on if a child will be disabled. A Christians could respond to that by saying that many Christians feel that it is their responsibility to provide support and help for pregnant women who have to deal with these problems. Some Christians may believe that even if abortions are illegal many women could not go through having to give birth to the baby and so they would go through a risk of putting their own life in danger if forced to go to a back street clinic, which are not fully reliable. When it comes to rape many Christians could come to terms with abortion as they could recognise the pain the mother could be reminded of the attack when looking at the child and also might fear that the child could have violent traits. ...read more.


The pain and suffering can not only effect the patient but friends and family as well and so why should the suffering continue when the patient could just die with dignity while he or she can? Some Christians would believe that a happy death is a better way to leave the world than a painless one. But in some cases a person may say they want to die in a moment of extreme agony but not really mean it. Christians would strongly disagree if euthanasia was legalised here due to the fact that many elderly people would then fear going into a hospital and many elderly could be pressurized by family members to 'take the easy way out'. Euthanasia can sometimes also be thought of as a lazy and unloving way to get rid of the problem of pain and old age. A Christian who believes with this view could respond to euthanasia by saying only God gives life, and only God had the right to take it away. ...read more.

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