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Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways Christians might respond In exodus 20:13 it says 'You shall not murder', this is one of the main reasons why Christians

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Year 10 GCSE Coursework Task Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways Christians might respond In exodus 20:13 it says 'You shall not murder', this is one of the main reasons why Christians are against the act of abortion. Within the Christian Church there is generally a keen desire to follow and apply the teachings of the Bible. However this in not easy and a number of alternative readings have lead to a variety of viewpoints concerning the moral implications of abortion. Generally the Church is together in its disapproval of abortion. Most Christians believe abortion violates the sixth command, which prohibits acts of murder. However there is a keen debate concerning the moment a human foetus becomes fully human and has the rights of a living person. ...read more.


In Catholicism, human life is viewed as a gift from God. Taking away human life is turning your back on God and not being grateful for the life he has given you or others. Only God has the power to give and take away life. When human beings take life decisions in their own hands, we are in great risk of committing very serious crimes. When the power to take life is taken into human hands, we can use it for evil purposes or misuse it. For example in the bible in psalm 139 13:16 it says "all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them come to be". This is saying god has mapped out your life and has already decided when you will die. ...read more.


Reginald personally believed god would not want him to suffer and that is the reason he decided to commit euthanasia. When stories of people committing euthanasia are in the news Christians feel it is putting increasing pressure on people to consider euthanasia. Some Christians say euthanasia is sometimes right. For example if a doctor is faced with the problem of an incurable patient who wants to die have often felt it was morally better to withdraw treatment from a patient and let the patient die than to kill the patient, perhaps with a lethal injection. Some Christians think that active euthanasia is in fact the morally better course of action. In the bible it says, "Love your neighbour", someone you care about is in a great deal of pain this could mean you should help him or her to die. Mark Whittle ...read more.

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