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Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways in which Christians respond.

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Religion Coursework Question 2 Faced with the issues of abortion and euthanasia, explain the different ways in which Christians respond. Abortion is the deliberate and intentional killing of an unborn baby. Abortion means destroying the life of an unborn baby, either by killing it in the womb prematurely before it is able to survive in the outside world. The time limit to an abortion, at the present time, is twenty-four weeks, but this increases as our knowledge of science increases. As Christians believe that life is a sacred gift from God they do not agree with ending life deliberately. However, some Christians argue with the Churches teachings on abortion. They believe that there are some situations in which abortion is acceptable. Some Christians believe that the mother has the right to choose abortion as long as she has information on all the options. They say that the foetus is only a collection of cells, which cannot feel pain and isn't really alive and as the foetus is part of the mother she can do whatever she likes with her body. ...read more.


In the case of rape or incest Christians are sympathetic towards the woman and some believe that she should be able to choose to abort her unborn child in fear that the child may inherit aggressive traits from the father. But many Christians disagree with abortion in this case, as two wrongs don't make a right. So in most Christian communities the mother will be offered counselling during the pregnancy and will be given the opportunity to have the baby adopted. Christians may respond positively towards abortion if the mother is a teenager and giving birth may risk her physical health. However, PAS (Post-Abortion Syndrome) affects many women who have had abortions and some of them try to commit suicide later on in life. Abortion encourages the belief that some human beings are expendable and worth less than others, which in turn encourages the killing of disabled babies above all others. Many Christians believe that abortion is acceptable if there is proof that the baby may be disabled as they think that it is not fair for a human to live life disabled. ...read more.


The sanctity of life issue with Euthanasia is probably why the most of Christians disagree with it among other reasons but mainly because God has the only right to take life away from any human being. The Catholic Church states that we all have to suffer as Jesus on the cross and that it is a part of our journey in life. In aid to stop the number of people choosing Euthanasia Dame Cicely Saunders and others set up the hospice movement, this was to organise hospices that specialise in caring with diseases like Alzheimer's and the doctor to patient ratio is much higher. This is to help people become more comfortable with death and show them that it is not the end when you die. In conclusion all Christians are encourage following in the footsteps of Christ and help care for the life of others regardless of their age or health condition. Although the Church has many members that agree with their statements on abortion and euthanasia in this modern society their other factors that have major influences on a Christians decision. ...read more.

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