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Faced with the issues of contraception and abortion, explain the different ways in which Christians might respond.

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Cardinal Newman Patrick Driscoll Coventry Candidate No: AO2: Faced with the issues of contraception and abortion, explain the different ways in which Christians might respond. (350-525 words) [14 marks] Abortion is the intentional and purposeful killing of an unborn child. Also, sometimes a miscarriage is referred to as a "natural abortion." Contraception is a way of preventing the conception of a foetus. People today make several choices about these issues. Examples of these are: how many children to have; whether to bring a handicapped child into the world; population control, and the issue of rape. ...read more.


In official statements and letters, the Pope, Jean Paul ?, said, "Life must be protected, from the moment of conception." Another statement said, "Because it should be treated as a person from the moment of conception, the unborn child must be defended." This means that for Catholics, all life, from it's beginning to its eventual end, is very special. Catholics believe that life starts at conception, when the male sperm fuses with the female egg. The Church teaches that contraception goes against natural life. ...read more.


The only argument against this method is that it does not protect against STDs. Other Christian Churches look at this differently. They believe that contraception is perfectly all right, if practised in the right way. It prevents unwanted pregnancy, children born into poverty, and population explosion. An example of population explosion is China. The Chinese solved their problem with a unique method. They introduced a system where if a family has more than one child, then they do not receive benefits from the government. This has reduced population growth in China dramatically. Perhaps this shows that in a well-run society, contraception and abortion should not be necessary. ...read more.

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