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'Faced with the issues you have chosen (Abortion and euthanasia); explain the different ways Christians might respond?'

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'Faced with the issues you have chosen (Abortion and euthanasia); explain the different ways Christians might respond?' The question of abortion and euthanasia really lies on the questions, when does life begin? Who has the right to take life away? When is one dying and no longer living? Christians feel they are responsible for the unborn and the dying, because they feel that god made everyone for a reason and he knows everyone exists. They think only he can decide when a person dies so they should protect every ones life until that day comes. Christians believe that life begins at conception so life should be protected from then on. Roman Catholics disagree with abortion completely. ...read more.


None the less the life of the foetus is absolutely sacrosanct if it endangers the life of the mother.' The Church of Scotland's view on abortion is 'Abortion has no moral justification and represents the unwarranted destruction of human life that is made in the image of God.' They were careful to say however, that this was in the majority of cases. They have similar reasons for believing this as the other two churches. The Methodist church is reluctant to approve abortion but is bound to respect the sacredness and well being of the mother. They recognize tragic conflicts of life that may justify abortion. They think abortion is an unacceptable means of birth control or gender selection. ...read more.


It is not a religious organisation. Life provides leaflets, booklets, poster, slides, and videos e.t.c. showing how human life develops from conception and how abortions are performed. Life says 'life cares because, every time a pregnancy is deliberately destroyed, a girl or woman is abused and a life is ended.' It says this because abortion can do serious harm to the mother as well as the child, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. On the issue of Euthanasia, most Christians believe that life was given to us by God, so it is never our right or decision to take it away. The Roman Catholic teachings on Euthanasia say that killing an innocent person whether it be an embryo, child, teenager, adult, or elderly person who is dying is never acceptable. Ending their life is opposing Gods love for that person. ...read more.

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