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Fair trade

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Introduction: What is Active Citizenship? (Pg.2&3) Aims (Pg.4) Fair Trade Action Plan (Pg.5) Description of Event (Pg.6) A copy of the fair trade questionnaire (Pg.7) Pre event Questionnaire results (Pg.8&9) Survey results in bar chart: Analysis of results (Pg.10 to 13) Evaluation (Pg.14) Conclusion (Pg.15) Bibliography: A list of books and websites I used (Pg.16) This page shows a list of the books and websites I used for this course work. Books: Websites: www.uglymugcoffee.com www.citizen.org.uk www.fairtrade.org.uk On this page I explain what "Active citizen" is and say which part of the syllabus that the course work covers in my own words. Active Citizenship is taught in schools to be provoking, inspiring and actively engage with the political, social and moral issues of the world around us. It is recognized that such learning cannot be purely classroom based but also requires young people to learn through active participation and involvement in real experiences in the school and wider community. The key element of the National Curriculum is aimed at developing students' skills of participation and responsible action and this is one of them. The coursework covers Unit 3 on World Trade, including Fair Trade and Unit 1 on Rights and Responsibilities. The activity that we did was the 'Coffee Morning' in which we all organised for the Fair Trade day in EPHS. The whole point of this activity was to make Fair Trade coffee sell cakes, biscuits, etc... ...read more.


We will find the key part of our activity and we will design a survey of fair trade awareness. Some will need to ask for help, because if a group chose the lesson plan for example they would need to ask a teacher for advice or even using the interactive white board will need permission from a teacher and shown how to use it. The teacher will also help with the booking of the hall and filling the events form (in the essay we will need to include a copy). Week 3: On this week we will be all co-operating with each other to organise the event so it would be more successful. And I will describe what I will be organising in the coffee morning. By this time we will already have the results of our first questionnaire that will be given out to the year eights before the other group teaches them about fair trade. Week 4: On the final week we will be delivering the event of the coffee morning that we should have prepared for in the past three weeks. We will all know who will be responsible for what and what roles will each person play in my team. We will outline the roles of the different members of the group in planning and delivering the activity as well as clearly outlining what my role will be. On this page I describe what is exactly happened and who was in charge of what on the day of the coffee morning which was take place during school hours in the Elthorne Park high school's staff room. ...read more.


I would probably make more leaflets to give out with anyone who may or may not have heard of fair trade, but the possibilities are endless. I would like to do alternative activities such as teaching a class of school kids or do an assembly to show people that fair trade is a good cause and with very little hustle for the people in the UK , and show how their contribution would make a big difference. Overall the activity and the lesson that I got taught in class has definitely changed my attitude to fair trade. Completing the activity has made a big difference to my life I know all about fair trade and how unfair trade rules are and I know about the ways I can make life fairer for farmers in LEDC's by buying fair trade products. I believe that the day had an impact across the teachers of EPHS. I know this because I heard the comments that were made by the teachers. I believe my parent's attitude changed when I told them all about fair trade and now they buy fair trade products. I think the lessons that I got taught by Mr Bailey had a huge impact on me because he was teaching me something that was firstly not very keen on and nothing about. The overall effect was that the pupils who got taught about fair trade also changed their attitudes as shown by my questionnaire. However I don't know if their families would be buying fair trade products. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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