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Family Matters

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Introduction I was given a task to produce a project based on a sociological topic. From the wide range of subjects available, I have chosen to investigate, 'Family Matters'. From this subject, I then had to think of a suitable question that my whole project will be revolving around. The question I have chosen to examine is: - 'What is the place of marriage in Modern Britain?' By this I mean that are more people finding alternatives instead of getting married and also are there more couples getting divorced at this moment in time than before. I have chosen this subject because it sounds like a very interesting and challenging topic to find out information on and also because I would like to know what the outcome will be and why this may be occurring. Hopefully, I will be aiming to find out different solutions to my question as well as providing some useful information to back up my final solution. I will gather information from a variety of sources. These including: - * Internet * News on television * Newspaper * Library books * Friends & family I will also be asking some individuals and questioning them about this matter. I will use the outcomes from these to hopefully provide extra evidence to back my final answer as well as expanding my project and so concluding with an interesting and informative conclusion. Prediction In order to carry out this project I would first of all like to give my opinion on the outcomes of my 'question'. I personally expect to find out that 'the place of marriage in Modern Britain' are that many people are finding alternatives to married life, such as living together without having a relationship which consists of them being officially married. I have found out that the correct term for this is 'cohabitation'. I also expect to find out that the divorce rates are drastically increasing as marriages are failing to work out. ...read more.


Whilst completing the task of the pilot studies, I believe I have got a few ideas of what I am hoping to find out at the end of this project. I have noticed that from the three individuals surveyed, two of them have a 'couple' in their family who live together but are not married. I will now begin the actual questionnaire and add these extra features and then draw various graphs to show my findings. Questionnaire In the next couple of pages, I have included two examples of the questionnaire that I presented to twenty people. One represents a male view point of the responses whilst the other represents a female view point of the responses. After completing the twenty questionnaires, I will produce numerous graphs relating to my questionnaire as well as giving my views showing why I believe I obtained this outcome. To make it as fair as possible, I will give my questionnaire to ten males and ten females and then generate the rest of the questions from there. I am hoping to get a general idea on the situation of marriage and divorce in Modern Britain. Questionnaire Findings Having completed my actual questionnaire, I have noticed that there are a number of interesting and fascinating findings. I will be representing these as well as others on graphs over the next couple of pages. I asked my questionnaire to ten males and ten females so that I get a fair outcome. From the ten males and females questioned, I tried to even out the age range so that I get a wider range of answers ranging from children to the elderly. Here I have drawn a graph which shows the age range of the people questioned. I tried to find an equal age range so that I could produce a fairer questionnaire. The graph above clearly shows the age range of the men and women questioned which totals twenty people. ...read more.


However, this will not give me a completely fair account of what I wish to find out as the population of Britain is increasing and so therefore more people will be getting married. Due to this I will try to find the number of marriages per 1000 people in Britain. I have looked in many various books and I have found a table which shows how the number of marriages in Britain over a period of years and whether it has increased or decreased. This can be seen below:- The table above suggests that marriage has decreased in Modern Britain and that the 'place of marriage in Modern Britain' is differentiating throughout the past thirty or forty years. The reasons for the decline in marriage are a mixture of facts that I have already pointed out. These being the increase in cohabiting as well as people wishing to marry at a later age of their lives. I have looked very hard to find a news article which would back up my theory of individuals tending to marry at a later date and I finally found one from the newspapers. Source: Leicester Mercury Date: Friday 13th July 2001 Marriage (Cont.) This article gives out the point that men are not as devoted to marriage as women and are also less enthusiastic about it than women, therefore wanting to marry at a later date. It also shows that men want to live together before getting married, which is if they ever get married. This is also known as cohabiting. Below I constructed a graph of the table shown at the top of the previous page. This is to show clearly the decline in marriage. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................As the table clearly indicates the marriage rate is decreasing as it is getting lower and lower and therefore my hypothesis is correct. Divorce Hypothesis: Divorce rates are increasing The word 'divorce' means when a couple who are officially married, separate or break-up as they are encountering problems in their lives. 1 ...read more.

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