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Family Now and Ideal Family

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Family Now and Ideal Family In this world everyone belongs to a family. I think a family is created for the reason that they are the people who will care, love, protect, understand, and respect us. Through the troubled times, or problems that we encounter, we can be sure that they are the one's giving us support and guidance. The care that they provide us is unbelievable because they will never leave us. Yet, there maybe some people who do not see the real reason why we have a family in our lives. These people are the one betraying their family, having fights in the house, and being selfish of one another. ...read more.


I learned that in the family, God should always be the center of it. Since my family became a Born Again Christian and understood the teaching, our family became at peace. Though there maybe some problems that comes our way, but through prayer and real faith, we can overcome those circumstances of life. Also, I can see the unity of the family, their help and concern of everyone. And then, you can see that the family will grow stronger and united. Therefore, I hope to have something like my family now.......................... Furthermore, for me I see that as the time goes by everyone grows to be a child, a teenager, and an adult, each one someday will be the head of the family. ...read more.


Also, being nurse as a profession and hopefully a husband who has a stable career. Together, we would provide a good living to our children and share the responsibility of being good parents. Moreover, we would enjoy the time as family having to go to different countries and exploring the beauty of those countries and at the end of our trip we would be filled with memories as a whole family. And the most important factor should be God in the center of our family, He shall be the one who will guide us as parents and our children all throughout our lives. Money and other material things fades right way but through God, it is eternal, and you can see the real beauty of life and that involves our family. ...read more.

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