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Fasting The holy month of Ramadan is a time of devotion, and a time of full commitment to worshiping god

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Fasting The holy month of Ramadan is a time of devotion, and a time of full commitment to worshiping god. This month is one of the greatest months, which Muslims all around the world experience, for it brings them closer to god, and closer to feeling what the unfortunate suffer from as we fast the whole day from dawn to dusk. This holy month is not only about fasting, and worshiping god, but it is also about sharing the moments together and being kind, for it brings many families together to share those indefinable moments. ...read more.


Fasting is not only to make us feel what the poor people experience, for it has a lot more to it. It is also about patience and forgiveness, it is about trying to be honest, and it tries to make a better person out of everyone, and help them do good things for one another. Besides worshiping god, Ramadan has another side to it, a side full of happiness, where the whole family sits together and discusses a lot of things. It's a month where people get closer by just seeing each other every day in the mosque as they share the religious moments together. ...read more.


As soon as the prayer is announced the people start eating usually starting off with dates, for that's how the prophet used to start his meal off. There isn't a better feeling than the cold water running down your throat, and then the taste of the delicious food. After everyone has eaten, the whole family sits together as they watch TV, and talk, and as the ishaa prayer is announced the men go to the mosque's as they pray the ishaa prayer and the taraweeh prayer, and after they finish, the shopping malls get busier, as everyone goes out with their family, so that they could spend some time together and have fun. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hassan Wafai ...read more.

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