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Fetus Vs. Baby.

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Maria Marquez English 101 Essay #2 Fetus Vs. Baby In "Fetal Psychology," Janet Hopson describes seven fetal developments during the three trimesters of pregnancy, which indicate that the fetus is a growing baby still in the womb. The developments include: alertness, movement, taste, vision, hearing, learning and personality. Scientists believe that all babies develop these senses at different times during pregnancy. Hopson asks, "Is birth the beginning of it all, the moment where life begins?"(96). Learning and understanding the different developments of the fetus can help doctors and new parents learn more about the child when he or she is born. Applying the "Habits of Mind" created by Deborah Meier to an article can help you understand the reading thoroughly and take into consideration your own opinion of the reading. One of the "Habits of Mind" is evidence; this answers the question: how do I know what I know? Janet Hopson knows what she knows because she is a researcher and has a master's degree from the University of Missouri. ...read more.


We would not have any knowledge of any problems that can occur during a pregnancy. We would not be able to give ultrasounds to determine any problems the fetus might have, the precise date of birth, the sex, or multiple fetuses. I am thankful we do have the technology we have today. My sister was born with a congenital heart defect, and her pregnancy was considered high risk. With all the latest monitoring gear, she was able to learn of any problems early on in her pregnancy. Is all this monitoring really doing the fetus good or is it disrupting the development? Hopson states, " Sensory stimulation of the fetus can in fact lead to bizarre patterns of adaptation later on"(97). It is true that a fetus sleeps about 90 to 95% of the time till about 32 weeks and 80 to 85% closer to birth. I think that the monitoring is helping out the baby. This technology is giving the babies better survival rated and a long life. ...read more.


The less risks there is to a pregnancy, the healthier the baby and the mother will be. This article was important to because I was pregnant all summer. The one thing I didn't know was that the fetus might be able to taste. Hopson states, "Whether fetuses can taste these flavors isn't yet known..."(99). The more information that a fetus is just a tiny newborn waiting to be born, maybe this will eliminate abortion choices. Critical thinking is a very important skill to learn because this helps you take an article into sections using the "Habits of Mind" questions. By using your critical thinking skill and the "Habits of Mind," you will understand the article in great detail. Critical thinking helped me to get into the article, not just reading it, but thinking of my own opinions. Applying the "Habits of Mind" to this article was hard for me. I had think about it a lot. I knew some about what I had read, but to apply this to the reading was a challenge. I have never done that before. ...read more.

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