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'Feud of the Gods'.

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'FEUD OF THE GODS' The light of the sun was very bright, the birds were singing and the animals, in the vale of Garath the God, were prancing about. Ifrit got up from his bed and looked outside of the window feeling relaxed and fresh. He was a tall lean man who had short straight black hair and a black stick beard. He came down from his tower and went to meet his Master Garath. As Ifrit was walking he felt Garath's will which was unbelievable. Garath taught Ifrit the will and the word. This is when you gather up all the will from your body and release it by saying a word. You can almost do anything with this kind of power. The only thing u can't do is unmake something. "Greetings my Master how are you?" Ifrit said to his master. " I am well Ifrit, and how are your studies going". The God Garath replied. " Very well, I have studied the weather for one thousand years". Ifrit said. " But Master I feel the will and presence of the evil God Nafarius and his disciple Kortez". Ifrit knew that Garath sensed this and knew what was going to happen in the future. Garath had short straight black hair and was clean-shaven. ...read more.


Garath lifted up his sword the Damascus from the table, and put it in its sheath. He strapped it to his waist and set off. He knew where Nafarius's tower was therefore knew where Ifrit was. " Master, what shall I do with Ifrit"? Kortez asked his Master. " Leave him for now, I sense my brothers anger. He will soon come here and this will be our final confentation. " Get my sword". Nafarius said with malice in his voice. Nafarius's sword was called the Abomination. It was black and was forged from his own evil life force. As Garath was walking across the waist land in which Nafarius's tower was, a lightning bolt struck him. It had no effect on him because the power of the lightning bolt was weaker than Garath's power. He also knew that Kortez was behind this, Garath was so angry that the aura around him was so powerful that the rocks around him seemed to be defying gravity itself. Garath had reached his brothers tower and shouted " Nafarius hand my disciple over or you shall pay the ultimate price for it". " A threat"? Nafarius said mockingly " your disciple stays with me, after I have done with him you can take his ashes". " NAFARIUS you shall pay, I WLL destroy you". ...read more.


Nafarius fell to the ground, holding his marred face in both hands. " You are beat brother mine", said Garath over his brother's cry of pain. Using all of his will, Garath cracked open the ground below him, and sealed Nafarius within a rock, cursing him to a life of solitude and despair. This was a fate worse than death, seen, as Gods are ageless and immortal. Garath turned to Ifrit and then smiled. " My son, the battle is over. Let us seek peace in the vale. Our task is complete. Let us now live as we did before in peace and harmony with the rest of the world". Ifrit couldn't have said it better himself. So both disciple and God left the battlefield and headed towards the vale, forgetting one thing. What of the sword, the Abomination? After Garath and Ifrit had gone, Kortez's very being separated from that of the sword. A voice from above said: " My son, do you know the meaning of the word Nafarius"? " Master is that you"? Said Kortez in shock. " Nafarius, my son, means 'many forms' and my fool of a brother has just cracked and broken the shell to my true form. In this form, I have power beyond anyone's comprehension"! At this Kortez seemed to be surrounded by laughter, a scorning laughter that could only be his Master's. And he knew they had not yet been beaten. The war was not over yet... Manaan Iftikhar 11F - 1 - ...read more.

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