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First Church Kimberley Baptist

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First Church Kimberley Baptist Kimberley Baptist is very unlike to what we like to think a so-called "normal" church to be with its carpet, brightly coloured wallpaper and no pews. The reason why they have chosen or have not chosen these certain things is because they are trying to make you feel more at home and be to welcomed. Also the homely appearance inside the church they say is very comfortable to pray in. The Lectern was given to them, it's a white metal framed dove symbolizing peace, the Holy Spirit and "the fish" symbolizing allegiance to Christ. Usually the Lectern is a golden eagle with its wings spread out meaning the eagle is the highest flying bird so it can spread the word of god all around the world (The Bible is placed on the Lectern). Also the original pews in the church where auctioned off to a kitchen designs company. ...read more.


you will have to research to churches in your area. The school sometimes has lessons in the church. They do not have a service booklet they just do what they feel and depending what day it is. They still have certain days for import services and events. The cafe is and extended part of the church and so is the rest bar upstairs. It also sells toys and other little nick naks for generous prices. The caf´┐Ż sells hot and cold meals any time of the day at a cheap price. ( I think this price range is aimed for the old with very little pension money) They don't make much of a profit, as the food is so cheap the only profit they get is given to charity or to church funds, which is the same as getting profit really but the church doesn't like to admit it. The church has some false stone pillars, which represents the Baptist, churches in old times so they won't to show they still keep that tradition and the way of the Baptist church. ...read more.


They did have a lot of instruments when they used to keep the church doors open but they were stolen. The daily sermon is usually read from the lectern as its high above the congregation. They also have ribena in Holy Communion instead of wine but they still use bread. When Holy Communion is being performed they have special kneel cushions for the old or frail to kneel on. They used to own a house just around the corner from the church that was used to be for people that went to church that where homeless. But the house wasn't just meant for people that where homeless it was also meant for families that where having difficulties as well. But they recently sold it to the council, as they couldn't afford to keep it. The Baptistery is under the floor where they walk into a full emersion some churches have different ways of baptising full emersion being 1 way. They don't baptise babies but they can bless them because they believe you should make your own decision if you won't to be baptised or not. ...read more.

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