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Flatliners review.

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Flatliners Essay The story behind the movie Flatliners is very deep. On the surface Flatliners can be taken as a normal psychological-horror film. The mysteries of death compel the five medical students (Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin, and Oliver Platt) in Flatliners to experiment with their own mortality by putting each other in a suspended animation like state. Delving deeper into the film the viewer can see that the film also reflects issues of ethics, spirituality and on existential questions. The death experiences of the five main characters suggest to the viewer that there is a life after death. The biggest and most obvious existential question asked in Faltliners is simply "Is there life after death." ...read more.


However the movie also does suggest through the Julia Roberts character "Rachel Manus" that every person has a different death experience. The movie also reflects spirituality in almost every death experience scene. Every character expect for Joe Hurley said that they felt something guiding them through their death experience. Considering that the whole movie is based on finding life after death or proving that there is a god, one could assume that the movie was spiritual. The line that scene that sticks out in my head yet again when I think of spirituality is Dave Labraccio's death experience. Dave specifically says that he felt something divine guiding him on his journey. ...read more.


The eerie blue light following him around just before each attack on him seemed to point out that he did something morally wrong. The other part of the killing of each character that struck me as ethically wrong was the fact that each character had attacks or problems on them after the death experience. It seemed to me that if playing god was ethically right then why would the attacks be happening on the characters. The denouement of the story clears up the fact that what the characters did was wrong. The movie Flatliners has many existential questions, under tones of spirituality, and a strong moral base of ethics. This movie successfully explores life after death without being totally unrealistic. Overall I learned a lot from this film; it got me thinking, which is more than most films do. Alex Levert ...read more.

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