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For a Christian, Lent is a preparation for Easter

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Religious Studies Skill A02 For a Christian, Lent is a preparation for Easter. Both Easter and Lent are very important times in their religious lives. As a result of this, Christians try to imitate Jesus' events by fasting or sacrificing commodities and habits. The most common sacrifices are smoking and foods which they like, for example chocolates and sweets. Some more Orthodox Christians may go to the extreme of giving up meals at specific times of the day. Lent is a time where many Christians grow as a person. ...read more.


Christians beyond doubt consider that it is their own wrong doings which made Jesus to be crucified. That is why Christians act or practice to be self-disciplined, trying to follow in Jesus examples. It is a custom for Christians on Shrove Thursday, the last day of Lent, to go to their parish and confess to the priest. Lent ends on Good Friday, which Christians celebrate it as the day which Jesus sacrificed his life for the human race. Three days later Christians celebrate Jesus' resurrection, Easter Sunday. ...read more.


Many people at the time did not know this and so threw palm leaves as a sign of victory against the Romans thinking that Jesus would come for war. They would shout 'Hosannah' 'Messiah'. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. Also known as Holy Week. Very strict and religious Christians tend to remember Christ's death. Other Christians which are not that religious be inclined to attend services for each of them individually to understand how Jesus died, why he died and also to understand the meaning why he resurrected. There are not only services on this day but there are also processions held and the Church buildings are beautifully decorated. h ...read more.

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