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For and against on homosexuality

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Religious Teachings on Homosexuality, Should Be More with The Times? Disagree/Agree When it comes to the topic of whether religious teachings on homosexuality should be more with the times or remain as it has been all these years there are various views and opinions both why it should be changed and why it should remain as it currently is. Below I shall point out arguments for and against, followed by my own opinion on the subject. Views to agree In the olden days, homosexual people were singled out and it was thought that they were not only different in their sexual orientation but also different in many ways. However, we have now come to realise that even though their sexual orientation is different, homosexuals are still normal and like everyone else and therefore its unfair to single them out as if they had a plague like disease. As governments have changed their policies, in various ways towards homosexuals such as allowing them to have the same rights as married heterosexual couples, so should the religious establishments change their views and rules. ...read more.


Religious teachings such as the bible are supposed to be instructions to how we should live our lifes. What is good, allowed, bad and forbidden. Now as it was written so it must remain despite how we feel. For we don't always obey because we want to but because we have to (e.g. A teenage child wants to stay out until certain times and the parents say no. The child will come back on time in fear of punishment although if theyhad their own way, they would stay out longer and as grow and become aware of the dangers will accept that that was the thing to do). Therefore just because we might wish homosexuality were allowed it wont change the fact that it is not. Religious teachings should not be changed simply to please a certain group of people. No matter what the governments change their views religious beliefs should maintain because if we start changing them then soon enough the foundations and core beliefs will be lost and therefore religion will be destroyed. ...read more.


homosexuality and the individual does not want to change their ways then they should consider giving up that religion rather than trying to force it to change. If we start looking for reasons why we should change it that homosexuality is accepted in religion then what is to say that next we will not start looking for reasons to change other things that are forbidden such as abortion or murder. For example imagine the outrage and how silly it would be if some murderers started to say religion and law should change towards murderers as in this day and age there are many more murders committed and many are first time murderers and committed by everyday people so we shouldn't act as if murderers need to be cast out of society as until the person commits a murder you happily lived next to them, you just did not know they had that tendency, and just because they do doesn't make them much different to you, they simply have different ways of dealing with problems. R.e Coursework Mr Mcmahon Moses Ilori 11P Miss Lucas ...read more.

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