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For my coursework I wish to analyses explain the rule of religion within the media.

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Religion and the Media. For my coursework I wish to analyses explain the rule of religion within the media. Now I am going to describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the 4 main channels BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV and Channel 4. The religious programmes on the main channel are The Haven and Earth show on BBC 1, Islam Season on BBC 2, and Holy Smoke on ITV and Witness on Channel 4. All these programmes fall into the "god slot". The god slot is time given to religious programmes that can be shown on TV on Sunday. As well as a range of religious programmes which reflect religion. A soap opera on channel 4 Brookside has dealt with a religious issue. ...read more.


I think they dealt with the issue in a good way because that showed all the point of views for example the dad's view because he said it was her life and he did not believe in god. So he showed a none religious view. The mum's view also showed a Christian view. I think they dealt with the issue in a good way. As they showed both views on abortion and both views on how god's existence affects people's behaviour e.g. Diane the mum didn't want her to abort the child because of belief in god. Finally films we also deal with variety of religious themes for this part of the coursework. I watched the film East is East. My title was should Christians marry Muslims? ...read more.


The Evaluation. "Television always presents religious people touch with the modern world" I think that statement is true because Muslims. Christians are often portrayed negatively in the news (e.g. Muslims in Afghanistan). Also programmes of TV like songs of praise are boring and make religious people seem boring and also people in soaps like dot cotton and Ashley (the vicar in emmeldale) they make them seem boring and all "stupid". However I can say that in some way that statement is also wrong because shows like haven and earth show religious people in a modern way. Channel 4 put witness on at 9 pm on Sunday and that is peak time and they put on so that not all religious are treated unfairly. On the whole thought I believe that statement to be true because I have mentioned television news, soaps and specifically religious programmes tend to show religious people as out of touch with the modern world. Zubair Norat 1 ...read more.

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