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Forced with the issues you have chosen, explain the different ways Christians might respond to Abortion and Contraception.

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Forced with the issues you have chosen, explain the different ways Christians might respond to Abortion and Contraception. Introduction. In this essay I am going to write about the views different views that are taken with regards to Abortion and Contraception. I will write what the different churches feel about the subject and what their response to it is. Abortion: What is Abortion? This takes place when a growing foetus is removed from its mother's womb and destroyed. Over 70 000 abortions happen every day in the UK alone. This means that thousands of growing little babies are torn apart inside their mother. There are many different views to this argument, the main two are for and against. The people who vote for abortions to stay use some of these key points: * Every woman has the right to do as she pleases with her own body. ...read more.


They make statements along the line of: * Every baby is a precious gift from God-and must not be destroyed. * A defenceless foetus has its own right to live and must be protected. * A foetus is a human being from the moment it is conceived-aborting it amounts to murder. * A person who is physically or mentally handicapped can still make a huge contribution to life eg: Steven Hawking. * Many doctors and nurses feel very unhappy about carrying out abortions-their job is to save life not to destroy it. * Many couples are unable to have children and wish to adopt. They are very few babies available for Adoption. Christians will voice their opinion with the group of people who wish for abortions to be illegal. ...read more.


They strongly believe that no artificial birth control pill is allowed to be used. The Orthodox Church strongly believes that sexual intercourse is for the reason is production of children. Until the late 1930's the Anglican and protestant churches also followed this rule that sexual intercourse is for children. But after they found out that the family sizes were suddenly getting larger and the money was getting lower that the families could not support such large numbers so they then decided to allow the members or their church to be allowed to use the artificial means to stop the conception of a children. I strongly agree with the Anglican Church even though my being a Christian I feel that it is our own decision what we do with our bodies and we are the ones who decide that we are ready to start our own families. Mark Weaver 10Y1 ...read more.

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